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Shopgirl 1 Posts: 660
Or lack of it. We have no water in my house once again today and I really want a shower. I am so sick of this ..
excitementcity Posts: 1007
Tell me about it. We've been without it for the last three days and it's so anoying. Not so bad when I was in work but you really need it at the weekend. Hubbie rang the council and they said that it would be off for 24 hours. Apparently it was switched off at 4.50pm yest so it means that we won't have it back until this evening. Errrrrrrrrrrrrgh O:| O:| O:| O:|
MrsOC09 Posts: 1175
we had no water from 24th of december until thursday of last week, honestly taught i would crack up! living out of bottles and going to the inlaws for showers! euhh!! im making the most of it now its backfor a while, trying to catch up on nearly 3 weeks of clothes washing!
Shopgirl 1 Posts: 660
We are still without it now, I am really annoyed, as its apparently Dublin City Council switching it off to make sure its not overused, but people nearby have it. Why did they decide my street couldn't and could they not switch it around to different areas without water on different days. I'm running out of clean clothes and am sick of washing with boiled bottled water. I really want to cry over it at this stage.
gillette Posts: 1803
Yup, we're in the same boat - none since last Wed. Thankfully my parents still have it so we've been going round there for showers. I rang the council and the guy was very friendly and polite but really didn't have a clue. He kept referring me to their blog "which is constantly updated". I pointed out that the blog didnt cover my area at all. He couldn't tell me why our water was gone when my parents isn't. I really should ring up again and see when we're going to get even two hours worth but I dont know if I can face it O:|
JDD Posts: 1316
What annoys me is the fact that there is no warning as to when the water will be shut off. We checked the Dublin City Council website on Friday - no update. The water was switched off at midnight on Saturday night and came back on some time between 9a.m. and midday yesterday. It switched off again at 7pm, and when I checked the website it confirmed that the water would be off in our area between 7pm Sunday and 7am Monday, but that update was only put on the website at 7.15pm on Sunday evening!! O:| They should update the website every morning with the areas that are going to be affected and what times the water will be switched off at. Better still, do a bit of planning and put up a weekly schedule. They must know how much they need to save over the next week. I don't really have a problem with the causes of the water shortages - the council can't plan for a month long freeze like we had and the thaw splitting pipes, but a bit of organisation for Gods sake wouldn't go astray. Once this is all over (March or April I expect) I will asking any campaigners who come to the door what they are doing about the lack of reservoirs in the Dublin area. There's no need for shortages like this - the UK has had much worse weather then us and they still have their water, and we get a lot more rainfall then they do. There's really no excuse from here on in.
gillette Posts: 1803
Totally agree JDD. When I phoned last Friday, the County Council representative told me that the information was on the newly launched blog. I pointed it out that it wasn't - he agreed. He then told me that their maps were out of date so he couldn't give me information specific to my road (in fact the blog didnt cover my area at all). Any 'updates' that have gone up since are out of date by the time they go up. We were due to have two hours worth on Saturday and Sunday but got precisely nothing. If the two hour supply arrives during the day, then the tenants upstairs will nab it and we'll have nothing left by the time we get home (stupid house only has one tank for the three floors which are let out separately).
smurfette2212 Posts: 749
Ours has been off since Tuesday of last week, which is a complete pain...we've been visiting different relatives for showers!! We keep getting a trickle of pressure for a couple of mins in the evening, then nothing. Our area is not on the Dun Laogaire blog either... well sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't! I know things could be worse, but you wouldn't mind so much if you got some warning or something...we just woke up last Tuesday and realised it was gone. Hopefully it will all get sorted soon though!
Shopgirl 1 Posts: 660
I called Dublin City Council about this today and lost it with the girl I spoke to. All I asked was some kind of an idea of when we might have some running water and she started going on about there being no updates, that it wasn't her fault, they were getting 100s of calls about it and that it seemed to be we were in a low pressure area that has been reduced to zero by the reduction of overall pressure to the valves. I expected at least a bit of sympathy and some kind of proper information after waiting for what seemed like an age to get through by phone. I'm not from Dublin and don't have nearby relatives, I've been going to friends but its not ideal and its not fair...why do they have water?..could we not share the burden and all have it switched off for a few hours, all advised on a website. No, that would be much too clever. Imagine if one of us was getting married one of these days and had no water....
manxmrs Posts: 850
We have had no water at work now for this the 3rd week, only had water back on at home Thursday - really annoying and feel yucky at work >:o(