Water Wipes?

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adelz Posts: 3088
Hi all, I got a pack of these in the eumom pack, have any of you used these? Are they good? Would you just bring these to the hospital with you rather than cotton wool? Where can you buy them if you have used them? Also the other question I have is re maternity pads, how many would you need??? I know it prob depends but roughly. Also what ones have you found good, I bought two packs of the Boots ones, there are 10 in each. Sorry but just trying to make a start on maternity bag, so have all these questions floating around :o0
jen2 Posts: 3106
Don't know about the baby wipes, but regards the pads, used the old bulky Style ones. The maternity ones, not the thin other ones as they are not good for you, after having a baby, esp if you have has stitches. I'd bring in 2 packs of them.
Momster Posts: 442
Hi babsbel i bought the waterwipes as well (i got them in a pharmacy at home for half price) so i am going to being these to the hospital as well as a packet of cotton wool. i researched the waterwipes and they seem to be ok for newborn. my friend used these on her newborn and had no problems with them - 99.9%water so they can't be bad... dunnes do them as well. keep an eye out for special offers. they have money off them often i bought the big mat pads in mothercare. bringing in big packet of 24 pads and have another packet at home that Hubs can bring in in case i run out! HTH! :wv
MrsB2011 Posts: 271
McCabes pharmacy were selling the water wipes the other day for under 3 euro per pack which is the cheapest I've seen. Boots were doing 2 packs for 6 euro. My friends told me "the green maternity pads" are the best. Normal pharmacies sell them and you just have to ask for the green ones. McCabes sell them...I'm sure they were well under 10 per pack but I can't remember. Some people say buy loads, other didn't seem to use that many so it seems to vary a lot. Baby hasn't arrived yet so haven't used either the wipes or the pads!
SandyClaws Posts: 3108
Do u only have two packs of pads in total? I'd get at least 2-3 more.. The green ones def are the most comfy, even if they look scary. I used cotton wool (had a load of it all cut into squares) but that ran out fairly soon and when I text my mam for more she brought out water wipes. Using these since. Cheapest I've got is on gruupy website where a pack of 15 was 35 euro, 2.30 a pack. I love them I've only used one "plain" wipe on him when I was stuck and got one off someone.
adelz Posts: 3088
Thanks all, yeah only just picked up two packs as I wanted to see what everybody else used before picking up more. Where do you get these green ones from, I seen a green pack in mothercare - they could of had aloe vera on them, are they the right ones or the ones you're all talking about??? As for the water wipes, great I will keep eye out in Dunnes, who makes them. I didn't want to buy lots of baby wipes, but heard great reports on these water wipes etc. So will def keep eye out for them.
zowiebowie Posts: 300
I used water wipes on DD2 - perfect for a newborn because I always found cotton wool & water such a pain on DD1, especially during the night etc. So, great while she was a newborn but I have started using normal wipes on her now that she's several weeks old - i just find them almost too mild? quite papery, prone to tearing and difficult to just swipe one from the pack without taking 4 or 5 together. They were lovely and mild for the early days but I'm happy to have moved on from them now. As for the maternity pads, as previous poster said, the massive green ones in McCabes are the same as the ones they hand out in the hospital. They are the best for keeping you dry. I used to put a normal "always" pad in my underwear first as a sort of liner and then the massive green one over it (they dont stick so I found they moved around a bit). I bought 3 packs of 10 and ended up with half a pack left over. Depends on how much blood you lose I suppose.. HTH x
babyblaBBer Posts: 2448
water wipes are fine for new borns but personally i think cotton wool works better for cleaning poo! as for pads, i'd get 4-5 packs of the giant green ones (from any pharmacy). you might wear 2 at a time at first for cushioning and make sure to change them really frequently to help prevent infection. then after the first couple of weeks you can use the boots ones.
HappyMe Posts: 727
On the maternity pads the green ones are great for the first few days. I got 3 packs of these and then used 3 packs of the boots maternity ones then.they have a nice bit of padding which is great if you have stitches. I then switched to lighter normal ones. On my first I used double that amount so can vary. You don't want to run out anyway. I used cotton wool and water last time but this time I use water wipes at night and cotton wool during day. They stick together though which I find really annoying so probably will only use for first month - dd2 is 3 weeks now. Handy in hospital too if you can't get water easily.
adelz Posts: 3088
Girls thanks so much, this is great help. I will look out for those green packs of maternity pads so. Its great to get some info on it. As for water wipes Ill be in dunnes this wk so Ill look out for them too, and Ill also pick up a roll of cotton wool. Sur pregnancy is flying so at least I can be sure to have the things needed for bag once I get to round 30 wks. Thanks again for all your help :wv