Waterford Wollies help, recommend hair & make up

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CestMoi Posts: 2162
Can someone recommend places in Waterford to get hair and makeup done please? We've to travel down the night before a wedding and I'm not sure where to start looking. Thanks.
CestMoi Posts: 2162
bumping up in case someone at lunchtime can help. Thanks.
Slanket Posts: 645
Cestmoi, I have a few places I would recommend www.foxychopper.com you can get both your hair & makeup done here. Or i've heard Salon 16 in arundle lane are good. Cosmo beauty ( Mayor's Walk) are brilliant for make up then you could walk down to Peter marks for your hair - ciara in there is great for up styles. Hope this helps! Any more questions just ask!
CestMoi Posts: 2162
Thanks a million, I'll try ringing a few of them see if they can fit me in. Last minute panic because DH decided we had to go down the night before the wedding and I had appointments booked in our town for the morning of the wedding O:|
Tipplass13 Posts: 12
I would also recommend either Foxy chopper or else Zen, both very good. Regarding make up, there's a make up artist called Traci O'Dwyer that works from Spirit health & beauty on Merchants quay, mainly MAC make up, she's very good.
stardust2011 Posts: 60
Sarah in Ultans did my hair, and Jenny from Beautilicious (she uses Dior) did my make up. Both on facebook. Cosmo very good also, and foxy chopper always get good reviews. HTH
CestMoi Posts: 2162
Thanks a million ladies! Gosh I didn't think it was so hard to find a hairdresser that opens on Mondays! Anyway I got booked in for both now so I'm sorted. I wanted to look a bit glamourous because the bump and feeling a bit fat and not knowing anyone there has me nervous!