Waters Breaking--advice please?

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Bright Star Posts: 756
Hey all, Just wondering if anyone can advice me on this, within the last hour i had this tiny little gush of clear mucus type fluid and it had a tiny tiny tiny (practically microscopic ) amount of blood in it! Just wondering is this something and nothing??? Fell absolutely perfect just not sure if im to do anything..any advice please would be greatly appreciated!!! Many thanks *)
Princess_Jess Posts: 445
hi bright star - just give the hosp a buzz they will tell u what to do x
Butttons Posts: 812
Hi Bright Star, I had my ante-natal class lasr week and they kept telling us 'If your waters go - you go (to the hospital)'. They also said that very few people experience the big gush that you see in films, sometimes it's only a small amount as it's only the fluid under the baby's head that goes. I would definitly give the hospital a call to see what they think. Best of luck!!
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
Sounds like ur mucus plug has come away pet if ur waters had gone u'd def know !! It can break slowly but at the stage ur at I'd say it was ur plug that went not ur waters, just keep ur eye on any pains as I went into labour with DD about 6 hours after my plug went
funkyfish Posts: 7626
my waters went like that over a period of 2 weeks lil trickles after i had a pee i thought it was discharge tmi, go get it checked as there is a risk of infection to you and the baby
SGirl Posts: 2542
How you doing bright star?