Watery discharge (tmi!!!)

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ollieanna Posts: 26
Hi Ladies, I am 5 weeks pregnant and over the last couple of days i've been getting this watery clear discharge. It feels like i just got my period but when i go to the loo, it's just clear watery stuff.....anyone else experience this? Thanks in advance, it's really worrying me.
redfly Posts: 358
Hi hun, I had this too and sometimes it turns creamy. I think its totally normal. hope this helps
tilsun Posts: 4506
Yep I just had some now. :-8 I can actually feel it leaving and used to panic it was blood. Have had it pretty much since BFP . I read in What to Expect that it's fine and to be expected around now
Gingham Posts: 3014
I had this aswell at the start..and it gets alot heavier...I was abit worried a few weeks ago as it was really heavy but its normal!
ollieanna Posts: 26
Thanks so much for your replies ladies, it's so reassuring to hear others have had similar experiences. I did ring my bezzie mate, who is a gp (and also preg!) and she told me it was fine but to ring holles street if i was still concerned. I rang them and spoke to a doc who told me that once there was no bloood and i'd no pain that it should all be ok. Even after talking to him, i still only felt totally reassured after reading your replies!! Thanks again x