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Titch Posts: 261
I am giving up!!! I bought a wax gun and everything but the seals are just not coming out right. Can anyone tell me where I can buy self adhesive wax seals please
fluffiesmam Posts: 1470
have you tried lantz, they usually are great for that kind of thing. just did a quick google search for you there are found this: http://www.irishweddingdiary.ie/catalog ... 85&id=930# hth!!
excitedaugust2011 Posts: 61
Saw gorgeous ones before from www.waxent.com think they are USA so not sure if they ship here. Might be worth a check!!
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
Titch can you please PM me the details of where you got yours? I was planning on using these and had sourced them from an Irish website but if you got the ones I'm thinking of I might reconsider!
Weddingloon Posts: 445
Same here, be good to know the ones that don't work!!! thanks a mill
Momof2 Posts: 3884
I got these from and Irish site as well and they are fiddly but got hubby to give me a hand and we got a handly little production line going. A few tips that I found helped were Be Generous with the wax we were being a little stingy at the start Put a little babyoil on the stamp it make it easier to remove from the wax when you have stamped ( and I mean a little) If your using gold wax you may want to brush v lightly with oil to bring up the sheen Finally and I found this bit hard embrace the imperfections.. its what makes it look like real seals that you put a bit of time into But they looked great in the end.
maggiev Posts: 74
I thought these were a great idea cos i dont think id have the patience to use the wax gun and all that malarchy but i love the look of a wax seal. The link below is an irish company but i think they only have this one design and its either gold or silver. Hope its of some help! http://www.invitationstowed.ie/product_ ... ucts_id=58