We are deciding for sure at the weekend.

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Ditzy Dee Posts: 412
Hey girls just wanted to let you know myself and H2B are staying a night over in the Kilashee house on Saturday night and if all goes well we will be booking it. I would book it now but H2B wants to sample the food and take it in for a night before committing. I am soo excited not only to book it but also just to spend a night away with my H2B
Asics Posts: 1935
Oh thats a great idea I hope yee enjoy your weekend away :xox , you could also take a walk around the gardens & pick out nice spots for the photos enjoy :wv
Ditzy Dee Posts: 412
Oh we will definitely take a visit to the gardens and might even get a massage or a facial - cant wait - I know it sounds a bit sad as its only one night but its just been so long since we have been away just us