We dont want to do any Speech !

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Marymullingan Posts: 341
Hia just wondering were u ever at a wedding that didnt do speeches :o)ll As myself and the H2B dont want to do any Meaning no bestman speech, no dad speech no bride speech and no groom speech :o0
ianstuart Posts: 1947
Hi :wv Its your wedding day and you dont have to do anything. Altho it might be an idea just to get your dad to stand up and thank everyone for coming , short and sweet.
bijou Posts: 1154
We didn't do any of the formal line up of speeches - we just thanked everyone for being there to make our day special and the best man decided he wanted to say a few words and did a lovely short speech about us - it was lovely, short & sweet and between the courses during the meal! We left it all very casual! HTH
kerryqueen Posts: 37
I agree with the other poster It's your day you dont have to do anything you dont want to However i think it would a little strange if nobody says anything........ How about finding out if your venue has a large screen or projector screen Maybe you and your bridal party could all record everything you want to say before hand and play it during desert,,,,,,,,, something really informal, all the thank yous,,,,,,,,,,etc I know for my wedding, we will be having speeches, not getting married till 2011 but there is already lots of chat an fun about our speeches (BUT THat is personal banter between our gang of friends) Just an idea. Would love to know what you decide on xxxxxxxxxxx
nikbic Posts: 344
hey there heres your sister i dont want to any speeches also ive put up a few posts about this in the past. my dad made it clear he does not want to speak, i dont really want to and my hcb said he would prob start crying! such a big hype and there usually crap anyway.. but yet its the done thing and my dad keeps saying "oh someone has to say something or represent me" so some ideas i got were: say a short few words at drinks reception leave a poem saying thanks at people place mats do a slide show so i thought the slide show was a great idea with maybe dad and best man saying words pre recorded! which ive done up a sample with photos +music only on windows movie maker which turned out good..and feel it will ruin it adding in a pre recorded speech so im back to square 1.... O:|
friendship Posts: 325
I'm having the best man & my H2B saying a few SHORT words (literally thanks to everyone) prior to the meal where we'll do a toast. No father will be speaking and if I had my way there would be no speeches at all.
Momster Posts: 442
my Oh is making a short (literally 60 second speech) to thank everyone for coming and i am making a 1 minute speach thanking a few specific people that have helped us alot with the wedding. no dads speechs and no best man speech. we are doing it before the meal to get it out of the way. as another poster said it might be a bit wierd no one saying anything however if your dead set against it you could do a little card and leave it on each place setting thanking everyone for coming etc?
Ferdi Posts: 704
Hi we didn't plan o having any speeches at our wedding either. I (Irish) married a German and his dad didn't want to speak, my DH is also not one for speeches and my parents are deceased so we decided to introduce our guests at the beginning of the reception. We had 12 tables approx 120 guests so it went pretty quickly and it gave both the irish and german guests a bit of info on who was who. In the end my brother actually said a few words, which was totally unexpected but lovely. Its your wedding and it'll be your only chance to do it how you want. Just make sure you enjoy yourselves, you don't want people spending the whole morning worrying over speeches, you wont be at ease either. Good luck, F
nikbic Posts: 344
i like the sound of that mrs morgie2b i might play the slide show and then myself and h2b get up and say a few little thanks... how come you not getting the best man 2 say anything?? as i was thinking of all people he would have to say a few words as people keep telling me!!! so its good to hear that some1 else is not having best man speak.... as our bestman would have no probs doing so but i just feel well if dad is not.. we may leave them all out and just ourselves say a few words
200210bride Posts: 422
Exactly.. its your day after all for various reasons we're not having the usual speeches either, just the best man speech its huge relief for both myself and h2b