We got our planning permission FINALLY!!!!

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happybutterfly Posts: 212
Hi girls sorry I ve been away for a while. We got the best xmas present we could get yesterday. We finally got word form Bord Pleanala that we got planning to build our house. Such a weight off our minds before baby comes. However our nasty neighbours are livid we got planning. Very peeved as they wanted to buy the site themselves. Started to get swollen ankles today.im due 10th of jan on our first baby. I done all my xmas shopping last weekend.Such a relief. Anyoneelse do any shopping yet?#Happybutterfly :o)ll
mrstobe09 Posts: 875
Congratulations Happybutterfly you must be delighted, it's brilliant when you finally get permission, such a weight lifted. We had problems getting ours to but from the council. We didn't have any problems from the neighbours, but I know lots that have, some people!!! Your due the 10th Jan, congrats on that as well, you'll have some busy times ahead of you now but all worth it. :o)ll :o)ll