We have our date, church booked & venue booked!!!

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roisinmace Posts: 223
So excited, we finally managed to decide on a date, a venue and a church and we booked it all on Friday. Over the moon!!!! :o)ll
wifeyttc Posts: 2507
ah congrats O-O its a great feeling when you have them sorted.when are you getting married :o)ll :o)ll
MJR Posts: 387
Congratulations very exciting :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie:
Layla20 Posts: 1089
Congrats, it all seems real once you have the date booked! Looks like we're getting married around the same time.
Urban Fairy Posts: 3987
Yay!!!! Congrats!!! Bet its all being very real to you now!!!!
wifeyttc Posts: 2507
stupid me i c from your ticker your getting married same as me!!oct next year im the 22nd of oct :o)ll
roisinmace Posts: 223
aw thanks a mill, 22nd October 2011, a very long way away but i'm told it will fly in! I'm just thinking now though what i should do next! Dress shopping or should i leave that to closer to the time? :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
roisinmace Posts: 223
sweetiepie 11 - you're my wedding date twin!!!! :thnk
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Congrats!!! We're 2 years engaged this week, we booked venue after a few weeks. The time is going to fly in for you!!! I remember people saying that to me on here 2 years ago & I thought they were mad but hand on heart you won't notice the time flying past you!!! Enjoy your planning!
wifeyttc Posts: 2507
ah yay!!! :action31 i have found my wedding twin :o)ll :o)ll it will fly in cant believe my ticker is going down so quick i remember when it was 24 months!!