We missed half of our wedding

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thegirlfromtomorrow Posts: 2
So we missed half of our wedding (long story) and feel like people are being quite dismissive. We're getting the whole "at least everyone is OK" and "shur worse things can happen" mentality. I'm still quite upset over it. To make it up I tried to throw a second mini reception. I had to cancel it due to lack of interest. I'm gutted. Am I overreacting?
CasualBride Posts: 574
What do you mean when you say that you missed half of your wedding? As in, you had to leave the reception early? Were your guests still able to continue the party or what happened? I can understand that it's hugely disappointing for you but I can't really imagine people being interested in attending something else now.. if you were happy enough to have your best friends and family, or whoever you could rely on to attend any normal party you might throw, then go for it, but realistically, nobody else cares about your wedding as much as you do, so even if it wasn't hectic for your guests either, they're unlikely to be interested enough to attend another party - the wedding still went ahead I assume? So in most peoples' minds, it's done and dusted. Very disappointing for you to have missed out on it though, that sucks!
thegirlfromtomorrow Posts: 2
Missed from after the ceremony. So entire reception. Got to do a first dance alright. Our daughter got a terrible allergic reaction. We told everyone to continue while we tried to find a doctor. In the end she was OK after getting treatment however she's utterly traumatised because she's quite young and thinks that's what weddings are. I've seen so many similar stories online where people get a redo. But yeah, not us.
CasualBride Posts: 574
Aw that's terrible! I don't blame you for being gutted, not only did you miss the whole reception but you were in a horrible position with your child too, that's just desperate, I really feel for you. You'd be looking forward to your wedding day for months, if not years, not to mention the financial investment, so of course you're not overreacting to be upset over it! Is there an option to do something maybe on your 1 month "anniversary" of the wedding day, just a night in the local pub with music and finger food or something to take the sting out of missing everything?