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proud mamaof1 Posts: 825
hi We have started weaning our LO since last week (18 weeks) My question is, can you give more than 1 spoon a day. She is getting so wriggly now and doesn't want bottles and we are finding it very hard to feed her now. I do also think she is teething so this may not be helping the situation. My DH tried calling the doc yesterday but when he heard she was tied up, he left it at that. Any time I have asked I have been told "don't attempt to feed her food before 6 months"!!!!!! Everyone I talk to seems to say something different so totally confused. I have given her baby rice and some parsnip/turnip mix. When she sees it comjing the mouth is wide open but when a bottle, no way :o0 :o0 In the last 2 weeks she is also waking up at night for a feed and she is taking 6 oz (normally 4 8 oz bottles a day). Since 6 weeks she had been sleeping though the night and its so annoying now as we are trying to get the bottles into her during the day. I know she is not a clock but I don't want her hungry. Please help O:| O:|
lush11 Posts: 2877
Yeah, start off with a teaspoon or two and work it up. Just a tip, if she's bad on the bottles and your afraid she's not getting enough the Organix baby rice needs more milk to make it. I give my son a good bit of this and it needs a good ounce in it. You could easily start introducing some veg and fruit now also. As far as i can see all babies start waking again from about 5 months.