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Toriamos Posts: 25
Anyone know of a weather forecast for the next two weeks?!
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Hi, If you check thats normally pretty correct
mrsbessy Posts: 402
here you go ... ;&metric=1
Toriamos Posts: 25
I can see it's going to rain on my day - really depressing - surprised there aren't more posts on here re the weather! I'm upset already about the possiblity it might rain - should I just pull myself together??!
Mama2 Posts: 1230
You really can't control the weather and ultimately it doesn't matter if it rains you'll still have a great day!
redrebel Posts: 400
sure look if it rains, it rains - you'll still be getting married to the man you love so it will still be a great day for you. i think its only fair to expect a bit of rain on the day - no matter what the weather forecast says - at this stage, given the summer we're having (or should that be lack of summer). dont let it dampen you're spirits though - you're only going to do this once so dont let teh rain ruin your excitement :wv
Toriamos Posts: 25
You're right! I think I'm a bit deluded as I live in Jersey - I think it can't possibly be as bad as my family are saying - but it clearly is! Was hoping for an Indian Summer!
serenity Posts: 3675
Like all the other posters say, you cannot control the weather... You really can't... Just enjoy it and that's the main thing.... I mean in Ireland no matter what time of the year it is you cannot guarantee the weather.... Enjoy the day and who cares what the weather is like... don't let it upset / dampen your spirit....
oneillj6 Posts: 463
Tell me about it. My venue has super grounds and hoping to get photos there. There is also a terrace balcony for the drinks reception. Poxy weather ....I feel like crying. ALL SUMMER IT's been like this. :o(
catchykoo Posts: 19
Check this site out The guy is from New Zealand and claims he can predict the weather due to lunar movements etc. He was on Matt Cooper recently, this is his predictions for the next few weeks. Few nice days in there so its hard to believe!!!