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swimfan Posts: 110
Can anyone recommend a website for buying maternity clothes please?
Milis in disguise Posts: 727
If you do a search you should find a few, there have been a few posts on this recently. I can't remember any though :-8
lisa Posts: 1612
I find maternity section great. Have bought a dress and top off them and they are fab. Very reasonable prices too
theoracle Posts: 7664
Here are some more sites, just got them of e-bay. Maternity Wear Stylish, sophisticated maternity wear to celebrate your pregnancy. Designer Maternity Wear Sale! Up To 50% Off On Leading Designer Fashion Labels Funmum Maternity Ireland Fantastic Range of Maternity Wear Fast Delivery and Euros Pricing Maternity Dresses Gorgeous maternity dresses Up to 50% sale now on. Maternity Clothes Online Exclusive Collection - Online Now! Size 14 - 32 New Customers save 10%
tarab23 Posts: 26
I like and
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
i was in Next in Liffey Valley this morning and they had some fab jeans. Wil be buying in the next few weeks once my bump starts!!!
kit09 Posts: 29
I found next online very good when I was pregnant - especially for basics. Delivery is free if you get items delivered to a NEXT store, and if you find something doesn't fit when you collect it, you can return it straight away
swimfan Posts: 110
Thanks for all the information - very handy!
CzechBride Posts: 4
[quote="swimfan":3xo7knbf]Can anyone recommend a website for buying maternity clothes please?[/quote:3xo7knbf] I agree that asos is great Ive found some lovely pieces that fit in great with my other clothes. Another great website is they have a maternity clothing section thats really trendy..I bought the butterfly t-shirt dress. It was on sale for something like €25...I look stylish and even kinda sexy in it, if I dont say so myself :-) I bought some stuff off ebay, but I found it hard to judge the sizes and some of the items had no tags attached when I recieved them (which made me think they werent brand new).
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
i bought this top from isabella oliver and it arrived today. it's fab! i love it. great quality and it will last through the whole pregnancy, plus you can wear it if you are not pregnant! ... 00/I/TP005 i'll be buying more from here