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fruiti Posts: 61
Hi Guys Am heading to NYC ina few days and am hoping to pick up afew bits like favours, guest book, and other few bits and pieces for the wedding if i can am just wondering if anyone could recommend afew shops they found helpful if any? :wv
shoegals Posts: 1640
Hi I was in NY beginning of December, great if you're looking for jewellers or underwear and shoes. I bought my jewellery in Macy's it's Givenchy and earrings were only $30 they were over €120 here. Victoria's Secret is great for underwear for wedding and honeymoon. I didn't pick up any guest books or anything like that but I'm sure if you post on forum one of the new york girls will help you out. Enjoy the trip and the shopping!!
fruiti Posts: 61
Thanks shoegals its great to hear you easily came across those kinda things, they are the kinda stuff im looking for. gr8 suggestion about the knot i didnt think of that il give it ago. :wv :wv