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corkgirl2010 Posts: 231
HI there, I've decided to keep costs down that Im going to get my photos from the photographer and arrange them myself digitally in an album, I've used shutterfly in the past has anyone any recommendations for books - or storybook style etc any help greatly appreciated, we didnt want the pressure of paying for an album straight away
Ilovetoast Posts: 2267
i think you can do them online on fugifilm or kodak... but u can get handy albums done in the chemist for €40...
starbar10 Posts: 991
We did ours just before Christmas from Its easy enough to use and there are different styles that you can apply - they even have a wedding one. We got leather bound and the largest size I think for 100 dollars (this did include a discount as we had a code) when you sign up they give you a 20 dollar voucher to use which we used on our honeymoon album as a test run and we were so impressed with the quality that we did the wedding one up straight away. The paper they use is really good everyone who has seen it has commented on it. It took 5 days from us uploading our order to receiving it just before Christmas as they Fedex them.
DipDab Posts: 1172
We got ours from I found them really good. It was 60 euro for the largest size album with about 35 pages. We went for the premium (heavier) paper. We only did it a few weeks ago, it took 5 days to deliver. PM me if you want any more info!
MrsMN2010 Posts: 267
I found Snapfish good. We used them for our honeymoon album and then made two parent books once we got our disc from the photographers. I think paper quality is pretty good and we didn't go for the most expensive option either! Just the hardcover storybook style. Best of luck and have fun with it!
corkgirl2010 Posts: 231
Its great isnt it because you could have 2 or 3 differnt albums I think its here that most photographers slap on the charges! glad im not the only one doing this thanks x
NCBride Posts: 45
I've used previously and found it fab. There's a few different album types and you can do loads of stuff with them. Really reasonable as well.
Diamond Photography Posts: 237
Why don't you try an Irish company, based in Klonakilty, Co. Cork, prices are very competitive and in my view a lot better than some of the international ones. Fergul
doone Posts: 503
have to agree with above re [url:yjys4ok4][/url:yjys4ok4], i spent a lot of time looking at the different deals and they were the best. the basic size / price goes up to 40 pages whichs is more than alot of the others and you really need it as you ahve so many photos that you want to include. Great thing is that you can do your own and also ones for Mothers, just save yours are a template and then you can change some of the family & friend photos to suit each side. If you need any help just let me know
corkgirl2010 Posts: 231
thanks girls, you know the story book style ones with the heavy card as pages, anyone know where these could be got as i know my mother would love one for herself after the big day!