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dumdumdeedum Posts: 15
Hi everyone, Can anyone give me a rough figure of how much an average wedding album costs please? Thanks so much
denlo Posts: 124
There is no "average" wedding album as they vary greatly in terms of size, quality, number of pages, covers etc. But for example, our album package is €700 dearer than our digital package and for that you get seven albums - the main one, two smaller parent and four mini albums which are scaled down versions of the main album. Just a main album on it's own as part of a package would run to around €400'ish.
tásceitimíníorm Posts: 76
Dumdumdeedum, Is it just the photo album you are looking for price of... or the photographer's package price?
DivineGranny Posts: 28
All honesty, we found that a lot of photographers had quite expensive prices for albums. We're getting our photos digitally (in the next couple of weeks hopefully - eek!) and are putting together a few albums ourselves. There's some fantastic websites to help you put your album or photobook together exactly the way you want it. Best of luck :)
pooch90 Posts: 319
We have done little albums ourselves online and got our professional album. There is absolutely no comparing the quality,even if you get the best quality paper and everything else. Always said we wouldn't bother with the professional album but so delighted that we did.