Wedding alcohol drink tickets

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Stephbrianwed2018 Posts: 2
Hi I'm looking for help . I am buying all alcohol drinks for my wedding because I am havin a marquee wedding in my parents field it's going to be festival themed. I wanted to keep control of alcohol with guest because I am paying for it all so far I have spend 2000 euro . I had an idea to use drink tickets that every guest pays 15 euro for 5 drinks and after that a donation of there choice . All money collect will be going to a charity . I just hope that guest won't be shocked by this or give out. I think it's a great idea so people are not rushing up drinking drinking all the time . There will be bar staff to also control shot sizes ect . Do any of ye have any idea what I can do to break this to my guests I was going to make up a tag and put it with the invites ??? Do ye agree with this or should I just not do it
OliGibbs Posts: 6
Hi, I think it's a great idea! A wedding can be quickly spoiled by drunkards (my cousin had this delightful experience 3 years ago... her father and his friends don't hold back on whiskey), so it's a good way to control alcohol consumption. I think it would be a good idea to have everyone receive a couple coupons either with their invitation if you send it by physical mail (with a small explication behind them, and the right number of coupons per household, as in 10 coupons for a couple), or to have them find the coupons on their name tag at the big table. Make sure that all coupons have the person's name on them, lest you want the heacy drinkers profit from those who will be driving on the way back and thus won't drink!
Rinuing Posts: 8
you are planning a wedding party, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. Oh, the number of things you need to keep in mind! (use our wedding planning timeline to make sure you do everything on time) One of the problems that arise when you are planning a reception is trying to figure out how much alcohol you are going to need. As any other detail of your Big day, your wedding booze needs careful planning. ... alculator/