Wedding and Engagement Ring Valuation for Insurance

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Wedding and Engagement Ring Valuation for Insurance

Postby Emloumanryan » Tue May 26, 2015 1:21 pm

Hi ladies myself and my husband bought a house and the home insurance have said that to put the wedding and engagement rings on would cost extra. I just phoned a place to value my wedding and engagement ring and they said €150, does anyone know is this the average price please its in Dublin city centre if that helps?

Vicci Murphy
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Re: Wedding and Engagement Ring Valuation for Insurance

Postby Vicci Murphy » Wed Feb 01, 2017 4:33 pm

Hi there!

I needed to get my ring valued urgently as i am going on a work trip on saturday and dont want to fly without insuring it..

I rang Applebys today as i saw on this thread people had luck and they told me they could do it today so i went in. When i got in the staff were so rude and told me that they cant do it for me and that there would be a 2 week wait as i didnt buy the ring there. They had serious attitude for people who make their livings on selling expensive items!

I went into Abana jewelers in Powerscourt (upstairs) and Denis Murphy did it for me then and there! He initially said it would be 2 hours and 80 euro and i said if i paid 100 could he do it for me in an hour as i went in my lunch break! He did it for me in under an hour and still only charged me 80 euro. Cannot recommend him more!

I got his business card:
He is 23g Powerscourt Townhouse
Phone: 01 633 6752

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