Wedding Ankle Boots..... Need your help!!

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Mrs JT Posts: 256
Hi Girls, Im looking for a pair of ivory/lace ankle boots with ribbon tie.... If you know where I might get these I would really appreciate your help! Not sure if they exist but its worth a try.... Thanx Girls
Mrs JT Posts: 256
newyear09wife Posts: 899
try [url:24p65bo4][/url:24p65bo4] if you have a good search on there I am convinced youll find what you want..
Shinney Posts: 266
Found two sites for you, also ... ite&page=1 I like the benjamin roberts on this one, Otherwise you could maybe see does anyone know of a custom shoe maker? Worth a try if you have your heart set on them.
Shinney Posts: 266
Sorry it wasnt benjamin roberts, it was benjamin walk.
cana Posts: 8
Pink by Paradox do a shoe boot with a peep toe. 2nd shoe in.
cinderellabella Posts: 179
I saw bridal ankle boots in Chamarie in Midleton, think they also have a store up the country somewhere. I think they were lace, they looked very victorian I think. I can get you their number if you like Cinderellabella
Pootle08 Posts: 1
I bought these ... how_detail Love them! C x :o)ll :o)ll