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Dylan Posts: 10
Hi all bride and groom to be, Wedding anniversary coming up in 3 weeks time and i want like you advice what would be ideal present for my wife. Bear in mind that my wife is 8 months pregnant and due 1 week after our annisevary so something not too demanding like flying off unexpected....wouldnt want her to give birth during the flight!!!!! :oops: So something she would appreciate and make her happy!!!! I have already lined up a meal in a lovely restuarant that she already wanted to go but i like something else to be the icing on the cake. Cheers Dylan
BB24 Posts: 89
I would love to get some jewellery if i was in that position. Something in the Newbridge range. Jusst a thought.
snozberry Posts: 1212
dylan, just to say that it is tradition (or so I convinced my hubby??!!) to buy an eternity ring on the birth of your first child or on the 5th anniversary - whichever comes sooner - so you might want to save a few bob for that!! :D not sure on other suggestions though but to be honest I wasnt in the mood for a whole lot the week before our baby was born. Make sure you have a really thoughtful card - yes, that means reading the verse all the way through!! :wink: she may just want to take it easy and look through the album/at the video.. you could invite your closest friends/parents etc to meet you for a drink before/after the meal aswell?? have a great anniversary and wishing you both the very best for a manageable labour!! :D
rio Posts: 995
you could put a little hamper together for her, some nice pj's, voucher for her fab shop, so nice perfume and body cream. hope all goes well with the labour and it's go to see a guy planning an anniversairy in advance. Take care :P
Dylan Posts: 10
thanks guys, She even hinted that she could do with a massage so im going with that along with a lovely lunch and a evening meal to set the tone of the day.. 3 weeks 2 go