Wedding Band in Galway

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ladygaga Posts: 4
hello, could anybody give me info on two bands that we are thinking of using. lewd tunes and tightrope? would appereciate it or any other suggestions. [/b]
Bogstandardbride Posts: 18
Both great bands, Tightrope would play more of a mix, better choice in waltz's etc, and they have 4 or 5 different singers... LewdTunes have a great brass section though, one female singer and would not do as much of the stuff for the older crowd You won't go far wrong with either.....
LMR Posts: 1925
We had Freebird and they were brill!! Dance floor was full all night and they played a great mix of stuff that had the both end of the age spectrum up.
ladygaga Posts: 4
thanks so much great to get some info!!!
JLa Posts: 527
Hi Ladygaga, We've booked a girl called Nicola McGuire, she plays with 3 different bands around town (one rock and two jazzy bands), so she can do everything - she's brilliant!! pm me if you want her details :-)
Harlequin Wol Best Band Posts: 645
Ladygaga, Try Pyramid for your band and Alan Geraghty for DJ (). Both are based in Galway. Harlequin :wv