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wyliebloke Posts: 6
Hey All, I'm really hoping someone can help me out. I am getting married on 16th September next year. We had our wedding band booked - we signed the contract and paid the deposit - however I received a Facebook message from a member of the band last week at 9pm on a Tuesday, asking if it was ok for him to call me the next day. I messaged him back and told him that was fine but given the fact I felt nervous he had contacted me, I asked if he would give me some further info that night. He refused to and told me he would prefer to speak to me. Obviously I worried about this all night and it was lunchtime the next day before he phoned me but I knew what was coming. He told me that the band was unable to play at our wedding as one of their band members is getting married on the same day however he could recommend another band. I was, and still am, understandably very annoyed about this and after checking out the other band online, I'm not very keen on having them play my wedding. We have contacted at least 25 bands over the last week and every single one is booked. We are now freaking out. Can someone PLEASE recommend a good wedding band? We live in Co Tyrone but our wedding is in Monaghan so ideally we would like a band close enough so we can travel to see them before finalizing a booking. I would really appreciate any help and advice!! Many Thanks! Sarah xo
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
Have you tried Power Struggle? They very popular down that area.
LadyB2016 Posts: 167
Hi Sarah I'm from Monaghan and getting married in Sept next year too. Have a look at Sugartown Road who are from Newry. Also The Big Kahuna, Hughes Bros (from Monaghan), Cream of the Barley. Glen Houston Entertainment provide some of the big wedding bands maybe worth checking out. If you do a search for wedding bands in the search tab it should bring up lots of other people's recommendations as there have been threads on this before. Hope this is helpful
wyliebloke Posts: 6
ThAnk you! I have never heard of Power Struggle but I will def check them out :) Sugar town Rd are already booked - we were gutted about that. I also emailed Glen Houston entertainments about a band. The band themselves told us they were available but the promoter told us they weren't. We're just having no luck at all :( I've heard of the Big Kahuna but have literally just read a very bad review of them on here. I'll check out Hughes Bros and Cream of the Barley too though.
mrsmcc2502 Posts: 497
Try Michael magill entertainment similar set up as glen Houston lots of bands!
wyliebloke Posts: 6
It was one of the Michael Magill bands that let us down :(
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supercooper Posts: 124
Try The Rubix band. They are based around Monaghan and Drogheda area. We booked them for our wedding. They are class and quite reasonable too. Don't go by their music on their website as it doesn't do them justice at all. We saw them at a gig in drogheda and they are amazing.
mrsmcc2502 Posts: 497
Ah no sorry to hear!
admin Posts: 1822
Have you found a band yet?
wyliebloke Posts: 6
Thank you. We will check Rubix out. As of now, we still don't have a wedding band :(