wedding band????

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excitedredhead Posts: 89
Hi Ladies! Looking for a bit of advice! H2be & I decided not to have a band for our wedding because we don't have a huge budget & it would save a lot!! I thought at first that this was ok becasue a lot of people are doing it now but I'm starting to worry! I've read a lot of posts where people are saying the band is one of the most important things? is anyone else out there just having a dj or maybe been to a wedding where there was no band? would love to hear your stories / opinions! Thanks!
cheekywife2011 Posts: 1076
Hi there, we are also not having a band just cant afford it dont think a band is the be all and end all of a wedding a good dj can be just as good. a friend of mine got married a few months ago and she just had a DJ and it was great craic altogether