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Joy83 Posts: 12
anyone any feedback on rockafellas or jaker and co?
Sarahdel87 Posts: 3
Hi there, Jaker did our wedding in Ballymagarvey and they were absolutley brilliant, The lads were really nice to deal with and everyone loved them! We booked them through a company called Music Angel and they arranged everything for us and were great to work with. If your thinking of the lads for your wedding you wont be dissappointed! We got all of the info we needed from their website, Best of luck with the wedding! Sarah,
Shelly321 Posts: 96
I read about Music Angel and emailed them but I haven't heard anything back. Did it take them a while to get back to you? We're not getting married until September but I don't even know where to start bandwise so thought they sounded good with all the help they give you. Does it cost a lot extra to have them assisting as well as booking the band or is it a set fee?
maybride2017 Posts: 232
@Shelly321 you defo don't need a 3rd party to pick a band! I went on that wedding angel website and still cant understand what they do fully? if your in Ireland and getting married in Ireland there is no reason you cant book your own band. To start go to the suppliers page on this site, put in what county your venue is in and go through the list of bands, you'll know pretty quickly if you like the bands style or not. Type "wedding bands Ireland" into youtube and a list of videos will come up! (I suggest checking out Marvin and the Grooves, we wanted them but booked up, seemed like really nice lads tho) Then start firing out standard emails to the ones you like, asking their availability and price. Once you get a band you like and are available you will have to go see them live, this will either be at a showcase or another persons wedding! When you see a band you like email to meet them with a deposit, you'll chat a bit about your wedding and that's it! They will be in touch a couple months before the wedding date for particulars like special songs or stuff. Bands these days come with a dj so once you book a band that's more or less the work done. I cant understand why a company needs to be brought into the process, seems un-necessary unless you don't live in Ireland. If you have a certain style ask on this forum, were all here to help! :lvs
Shelly321 Posts: 96
Thanks for this - I actually found a website Best Wedding Bands which seems a bit more simple in that you can just email a lot of bands at once. Has anyone heard of the mixtape? They've gotten back on one of my inquiries. They seem pretty good as well as reasonably priced and include a DJ. The showcase isn't until 26th July. Has anyone seen them live? Obviously I won't be deciding anything until I've seen them but just want to get an idea of feedback on them.
maybride2017 Posts: 232
We were looking at Mixtape aswell, I've heard loads of great reviews, but like you I wanted to wait to see them live and I lost my date because I waited too long, push them to see can you come to one of their weddings, as they are really popular. We are getting a band called The Trips, im so excited they are exactly what we wanted!!! They aren't a "traditional" wedding band - they play more rock - and they are really interactive with the crowd, when we went to see them they had the bride up singing and they were in the middle of the crowd! I'm not sure if that's your thing, its not everyone's, will depend on your crowd, we want ours really high energy and more a gig than a "wedding band". :compress