Wedding Bands Sligo - recommendations?

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SligoAug2010 Posts: 15
Hi all - I contacted the Weightless Astronauts who came highly recommended but they are booked for our date! We are looking for something similar to them - a band that plays everything from Waltzs to ACDC! We were going to see Pyramid but I would love some other recommendations for really lively music so that people will dance all night and never leave the floor - all welcome!
Welsh goddess Posts: 370
Hey contact They will send you a whole list of bands available for your date along with price, a description of the band and contact details. I booked my band through them
lough08 Posts: 248
hey, we've gone for wavelength, they're from crossmolina and we thought they were excellent.
lough08 Posts: 248
meant to say pm me if you want contact details
wishin&hoping Posts: 3666
I would highly recommend the Bumble Bee Honey. Had the crowd going from the start & a few party games as well
SligoAug2010 Posts: 15
Thanks all that's great! I'll do a bit of investigating into all of them and will come back to you I'd I need contact details or anything. Thanks again!
Gembira Posts: 847
We've booked Wavelength too. They were recommended by my cousins who have seen them ata few weddings and said they're always good. I went to see them at a wedding in May and have to say they were fantastic. We arrived when they were about a half hour in to their set and the dance floor was full the whole time, even for the slow numbers! I was very impressed, plus Robert is great to deal with. hth! xxxx
Rosey Roo Posts: 80
Hiya Wavelength played at my friends wedding and they were excellent - think they did about 5 costume changes during the whole night :o0 We went with the Brian Mc Dermott band. They are fantastic too and cater for everyone. One of my bridesmaids saw them at a wedding and said the floor was full all night. Have heard nothing but good reports about them :o)ll Check them out as they are based in Sligo
SligoAug2010 Posts: 15
Great - think we're going to try to see a few over the next few weeks so any more recommendations are most welcome. To be honest we don't really want a band that plays loads of games and does lots of interaction with the crowd - just a band that plays really really good music so that people are just dancing all night. Any recommendations for bands that fit the bill would be great!! (Also would love some that do an ACDC set for H2B!) x
Harlequin Wol Best Band Posts: 645
Hi Sligo Bride, Sent you a PM. Regards Harlequin :wv