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NYBrideDec05 Posts: 4
Hi, I am new to this site and it's now offically a year yesterday to our wedding. we are living in New York and will not be home before the wedding so it is nearly impossible to be really organised so i really appreciate any help i can get out there. We are trying to get a band for Dec 29 05 the location is Cabra Castle and we all hail from Dublin/Meath area. I have got a good few CD's sent to me but not too impressed at all-the music seems to be all from before i was born? is that with most bands? the only one i really liked was 'The Persuaders" has anyone heard these live? Thank You NYBrideDec05
mrs d oct 04 Posts: 282
Hiya I know my wedding band were galway based but they do travel for weddings all over the country. They were the weightless astronauts (sp?) and the contact name is John and his number is 087 2266 237. They are brilliant and the floor was full all night! Wehen we watched our wedding video we were just amazed how it never emptied all night. Good luck with your choice and enjoy your planning! Mrs D
Oldshore Posts: 27
Hi NYBride, Try Niamh Kavanagh and The Classics. Niamh won Eurovision for Ireland in 1993 - a brilliant singer and an experienced professional - backed by one of the best bands around playing an up to date set list. [url:261uh02v][/url:261uh02v] Browse the website for more details etc or email [email protected] or phone Paul on 07973 376 465.
Maysin Posts: 77
Hello NY Bride, I'm having 'The Miracles' at my wedding. They are fantastic! Their contact is Michael Magill Promotions, Co Down.Tel: 028 41752229 I would highly recommend checking them out as they book up pretty fast - i had to change my wedding date cause they weren't free!! Good luck, Sinéad
H2B0305 Posts: 2
Hi NYBride, We're also having 'The Persuaders' play at our wedding on March 5th. We went to see them play in a hotel bar and were very impressed. We were concerned that the lack of a drummer would make for a very flat sound but no, they sound EXACTLY like their demo CD. We have a lot of older guests who will be expecting old-time waltzes, etc and they have no problem obliging. We have also booked them to play for an extra 2 hours in liu of a disco so they will start out with a lot of traditional wedding fare, move into swing and up the tempo as the night progresses. HTH
Sparklymum Posts: 1563
You could also try