Wedding Bands with female singers

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JND20 Posts: 21
Hi Girls Im looking for some feedback on wedding bands with female singers, dont ask me why but i just got the idea into my head that i want a female singer! Really looking for a band that will cover everything from the 70's through to now and ideally I'd be looking for a band that are good at getting the crowd going. O-O Have been at weddings where Shogun played before and they were excellent but is there any other bands that people can recommend? Any suggestions welcome!
Princess Laughalot Posts: 103
Hi there, I was at my friends wedding a few months ago and they had a band called The Bees Knees. They were really good. They had a female singer and also a male singer - each one sang different songs as to what suited them and the other did backing vocals when they weren't leading - if you know what I mean!! They were a 4 or 5 piece band if I remember correctly - very good and kept the crowd going all night by singing a really good mix. I would highly recommend them. HTH
milis Posts: 7998
I think Oddtime have a female singer too, they're very good.
Betsy May Posts: 2168
Fraggle Rock have both male and female singers - I've hear her sing and she seems quite good. They're Galway based.
Lizzy1 Posts: 4128
Jack 2 Jack have a female singer, there's also 2 men in the band and they sing the odd song too. :wv
thirdtimelucky Posts: 857
We've booked Johnny Be Goode and they have a male and female singer. You could also take a look at 5th Avenue and moogs69.
Star08 Posts: 423
the mucky ducks
sundance Posts: 147
I was at a do last Saturday night and a band called Vagas Nights were playing they were really good the do was in Abbeyleix so I don't know where they are based.
niadan Posts: 259
can highly recommend Rewind. Stella Bass is the singer and they also have a male singer. they can do a three piece or five piece band depending on you budget and also do dj if you're interested. They have a website. I think it is Not sure. HTH.
newyear09wife Posts: 899
we've booked groove academy.. they are a six piece with 1 female. Her and another gut share leads as appropriate....they are a great crowd pleaser.