Wedding booklet template (full mass)

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Lutterworth Posts: 38
Hi ladies Just wondering if anyone has a recent template for a mass booklet for the full mass? recent weddings we have been at have had scrolls with extracts from the mass rather than the full mass and full mass templates that I have got from friends are a couple of years old and am worried that a lot has changed. If anyone has a recent full mass template that they wouldn't mind sharing I would appreciate! Thanks
winterbride2015 Posts: 62
Hi, I'm doing a scroll style for guests and a full one for ourselves and the priest, but I haven't this finished yet. I asked the parish secretary what did the priest like/want and she gave me a sample booklet he liked couples to follow. Maybe you're parish wld have the same and you cld just type it up.
Smilinmaz Posts: 446
I have one from April so if you would like a copy pm me your email :)
mrsroo2b Posts: 1 has a free booklet template service that's really useful as it gives you options for personalising the booklet and once you've it done you can download it to Word and format it how you want and make any changes. WOL won't let me include a link here as it looks "too spammy" for a new user but the GettingMarried website is accessible so you should be able to find it. :)
Louisegorman Posts: 8
I have full mass one from June, will be happy to email over to you :)
clairedeee Posts: 5
Hi there, I'd be really grateful if someone could send me a mass booklet for the full mass please. Thank you x
confusedbride16 Posts: 52
Would be really thankful if someone could pm me the template too :)
mrsgrennetobe Posts: 1
Could I get a copy of mass booklet emailed to me too? Pretty please :wv
mdonoghue2703 Posts: 44
Can I get a copy of the booklet also please. Thank you!!
maursoc Posts: 10
Me too please :lvs