Wedding Bouquet help?!

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suzins89 Posts: 30
Hi all I have a idea in my head of a really fabulous stunning bouquet for myself. I have no experience in where to even start in getting one. Anyone have any idea of where i might go about looking in to getting one? Thanks guys Suz
peacockgirl Posts: 1312
Contact a few florists in your area for quotes... Maybe google pictures of bouquets containing the colours you have in your head and print them out when you go to see the florist or email them to them to give them an idea of what you want... What are you thinking?
Mustang Sally Posts: 394
It's gonna seem like I have shares in this website because I recommend it so much :-8 Honestly, I don't ! It's a website with just loads of pictures of wedding stuff. You can search for "bouquet" and just browse loads of lovely photos. I've gotten loads of ideas from it. I also have a very specific idea in mind for my bouquet but you'd be surprised if you go to a good florist with a few photos of what you like they do seem to get the idea! Hope mine works out too anyway. Good luck! :wv
candlequeen Posts: 991
Could you search online for pictures similar to what you want & take it to a local florist? I knew from the start what I wanted, and I got foam roses, diamonte pins & ribbon on eBay, all I have to do now is make them up :)
flowerflair Posts: 198
Explain exactly what you want to your Florist, she(he) should be able to then show you flowers from their portfolio that best suit your description. Failing that I usually bring out my Wedding Flower books and magazines and see what we can come up with. Most Florists love a challenge, I know that I certainly do!!! Hope you find what you are looking for :) :wv
suzins89 Posts: 30
Thanks guys. The idea that i have for it is very feminine and dainty with pearls and maybe just all cream and white! Something along the lines of this below. Thanks