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Watchoka Posts: 90
Hi My wedding dress is the Alan Hannah Eliza. It is a very simple dress and the waistband appears to be crying out for some sort of brooch in the middle. I'm starting to wish the dress had more bling now but as I'm getting married in 77 days it's too late to change my mind! As the dress is ivory damask with a rose print I don't want anything too fancy. I'd like quite a large long diamond shape brooch to fit the band if possible. Anyone recommend a site or shop to go to please? Thanks a million
sarah1979 Posts: 198
I think the dress is beautiful and doesn't need anything but if you defiantly want to put something have a look at O-O
Watchoka Posts: 90
Thanks Sarah! The dress is classic but I'm hoping my fiance won't be disappointed when I walk down the aisle and I'm not really glam even though he knows it's not me. Had a dress fitting last week and the woman was great but very forthwright. She told me my shoes weren't elegant enough, I needed a brooch on the waist band (she described the type and colour I needed), I need a choker etc. I appreciate her advice as she's very good but at the same time I could tell she didn't really like my dress and thought it was too plain. Anyways - thanks very much for the recommendation I'll check Etsy out!
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
Stunning dress, so elegant. I doubt anyone would describe you as 'not glam' in a dress like this!!! Have you a headpiece or veil? Jewellery can be used to add more glam/bling. Newbridge have some nice pieces Or I like Vintage Goddess ... dal-brooch
Bride2be040812 Posts: 1182
I think your dress is beautiful! Its so elegant and glam and I think you would be crazy to change it. I think its like something Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly would wear - timeless and old school hollywood! If I were you I would go for ivory shoes with a little bling on them and actually keep your accessories really simple. Nice earrings and maybe a bling watch or something. I think shoes like these would be lovely[attachment=0:21fq2qwn]Benjamin-Adams-shoes.jpg[/attachment:21fq2qwn] Newbridge do a grace kelly range. ... alEarrings If you really wanted to bling up the belt on your dress I would just add this ... earlBrooch Hope this helps and best of luck! I am sure you will amazing... your dress is fab!
lulu126 Posts: 1095
I wouldn't add anything to the waist band because I think the dress is absolutely beautiful as is. Your h2b will definitely be wowed by it. If you want bling though, what about putting bling in your hair? Something like a jewelled comb? Also I agree with Siobhan040812, that shoes with a bit of bling on them would be gorgeous!
daisy chains Posts: 235
I agree dress is fab no need for brooch on waist band, if you do want a brooch to bling it up a bit maybe one on the dress somewhere else like near one of the shoulder on the strap? That would look very vintage and I think would suit the dress.
disorganisedbynature Posts: 78
Please dont! That dress is the epitome of classic elegance, it needs no bling what so ever, I gurarentee you your husband is NOT going to be disappointed in any way! Beautiful.
Watchoka Posts: 90
THANK YOU!!! For cheering me up with your lovely comments. I've been feeling pretty 'meh' about my dress for the last couple of weeks. Love the idea of bling on shoes and in hair (I'm having it up) and a nice watch. I think that's the way to go with the dress. Thanks again everyone! I love this forum! xxx
Bride2be040812 Posts: 1182
What about either of these looks for your hair? Love the bun effect - its so elegent!! I would love this with simple pearl & diamond earrings. Glad you are feeling better about your dress - honestly it really is beautiful!![attachment=1:17rcjigy]grace-kelly-hair.jpg[/attachment:17rcjigy] [attachment=0:17rcjigy]Kate-Winslet-s-Winning-Hairstyle_articleimage.jpg[/attachment:17rcjigy]