Wedding budget €38,000 aggggghhhh!

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yankiecandle Posts: 2888
Just sat down last nite & did up a spread sheet for wedding, included everything i could thing of from invite stamps, pre marriage course to attendants hotel rooms. Total amount €38,000! Nearly fell off the chair! (Based on 200 adults & 13 kids) & to be on the save side we would need 10% extra for contingency. Im a graphic designer & will be getting invites, mass booklets etc done at work for free. So have'nt included them in over all cost. Not have anything wildly expensive or unusual: chair covers, candelabras for church, photographer €4850 & band €2350 & doing our own wine. Any idea how to cut over all cost down?
marriedLife Posts: 1881
I have 200 guests and 13 children on my list as well - and coming in at the same cost - this includes our honeymoon - does yours? That's alot for your photographer btw
Valkstar Posts: 2747
Photographer seems a bit dear alright.....ours was €1200 and was fabulous. I wouldn't know about the rest without a breakdown.
yankiecandle Posts: 2888
Yeah I agree. But because Im a graphic designer & take photographs for a living I must have great pics (if I wasnt the bride Id take them myself). Have looked at other photographers but they are'nt willing to travel to donegal on New Years Eve.
Wifelet Posts: 294
Have you booked most things already? It might be worth your while to shop around for suppliers and try to negosiate better prices with them. Nearly 5000 euros for a photographer seems a bit much. What I did, was sit down with H2B and write down the top 5 things that were important to us (food, good wine, photographer, being able to have everyone there we wanted etc.) and the items that werent that important to us (cake - FMIL making it, having a big bridal party, wedding car). Then we tried to cut down/our on cost of those things that didnt matter as much to us and we decided not to sacriface those things that really did. It really helps clear your mind about what you want on your wedding day, rather then what you think you should have!
Twirler Posts: 1644
Photographer seems excessive, but as an overall budget that seems fairly average - are you including your honeymoon?
yankiecandle Posts: 2888
Thanks Wifelet, Only thing booked is the hotel & church. Will defiantly be shopping around for bargains & budget does includes our honeymoon of €6,000. Most important things to us are food, drink, band, photographer & church string quartet. May not have a video which would save €850. Buying wedding rings on Does anybody have ideas where to cut prices without people noticing?
Silent Bride Posts: 565
Firstly, photographer €4850 seems very pricey. Secondly, I hear your here going through our budget and its way over as we speak. I have 95% of everything included but know there will always be little extras. I just txt HTB to tell him we have got to sit down tonight and try to cut back in some areas but to be totally honest I just don't see where it is possible. O:| And I wldn't mind but one of the most expensive parts of the wedding, my dress and accessories were paid for by mym & sister.....god only knows what the budget wld be be like if Id to add those costs on.
AliceB Posts: 495
I'm having roughly the same numbers and it's coming to about the same at the moment (also including HM)...
daydreambeliever Posts: 108
Sorry to hijack here but nyebride2010 just noticed you say your from donegal & that you are a looking for one at the mo.....can you pm me any details if you do weddings? Thanks Oh and on your budget, I would stress much yet cause with the recession I would say that suppliers are going to have to cut back on their rates so I'm sure you will get a bargin on some things. I just priced flowers yesturday and nearly died with the shock :eek They are soooo expensive!