wedding cake order

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angelsdelight Posts: 31
how soon do you need to book your wedding cake?
shellrex Posts: 571
3 months before is minimum time I think, but you can order it sooner if it suits usually. I've ordered mine-wedding not til Jan!
Jellybrain Posts: 964
Depends on how in demand your cake maker is and how much you want to get things organised and out of the way. Im not getting married till the end of march and I have mine booked a couple of weeks now. I thought I was too early but just wanted to get it done and he told me that he already had some bookings in for March!!!
LadyMary Posts: 1050
Think anything from 3-4 months before. I have an app next month to look at cakes and a testing, then when i order it will be 4 months in adv.
MissFitz Posts: 66
You can booked some cake makers up to 11 months in advance!! But you don't have to confirm the cake details with them until 3-4 months beforehand. If you want to go with a certain baker/bakery i'd book them now and then at least its out of the way and you have time to decide what kind of cake you want. I've my baker booked already!!
kelsar Posts: 690
I have booked mine and not getting married til next July. Just wanted to cross another thing off my list. Dont have to pay deposit until three months before though.
the winner Posts: 4148
Ive mine booked and not getting married il next Sep:D I think go taste cakes to see what you think ... all these little things are what makes things hetic in the weeks coming up to the wedding..