Wedding Cake Recommendations????

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Jojobean Posts: 185
Hi All Only cake & invitations left to sort out but desperately trying to get these at a bargain as cost of everything else has slowly crept up!! Can you recommend a good place to order wedding cake? Thanks a million Jojo xx
wollie2012 Posts: 76
Where are you based hun ?
Jojobean Posts: 185
Hey Wollie2012 Based in Dublin but wedding in Dunboyne so will need to be able to have cake delivered Thanks Jojoxx
wollie2012 Posts: 76
Crap - I'm in Munster so I can't help you I'm afraid - hopfully another wollie will come to the rescue :wv
Shivers28 Posts: 73
Creative Cakes!!! or look them up on facebook. They did my sisters cake and they sre doing mine. Michael is the owner and he is just amazing and brilliant to deal with. Can't recommend him enough. He is based in Dublin and will deliver no problem.
MrsAtobe Posts: 1158
If you're looking for a real bargain M&S do good wedding cakes, you can buy as many tiers as you want and deliver them to the hotel and the hotel can put them on the stand for you. In the Republic I think they only do fruit but in the north you can order different flavours. They are perfectly good cakes and a great bargain. Otherwise a big bakery would be a good place to go, big bakeries that bake in bulk can offer very cheap wedding cakes.
Buttercup x Posts: 535
You could take alook at French wedding cakes, that's who we have booked. We found Julien a good bit more reasonable than other places. He has a website and is a supplier on WOL! Good luck with the planning B x
lulu126 Posts: 1095
We ordered ours from Cakebox in Dun Laoghaire. We found them at a wedding fair and got €90 off the cake as a result. Our venue told us to check out wedding fairs for cakes because you can often get great deals at them.
Jojobean Posts: 185
Hi Guys Thanks a million for all the tips I've a few places to try now :o)ll
bettytobe Posts: 84
Cakes by Dawn in Dunboyne best cake i ever had at a 40th Birthday Party heres the Facebook link, (i know that sounds like :spam: ) :yelrotflmaosmilie: but theres some really cool wedding cakes in there, we decided to get ours made with her too because shes a friend of a family member: ... ts&sk=wall