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Pebbles3 Posts: 77
Hi all, Im looking to have a cake on the big day (May 29th) in Athlone. Weve been pricing around and quotes seem very high :eek Just wondering if theres anyone out there is interested and can offer a reasonable price? We dont mind if you are not a 'professionally' run business but someone who has an interest. I suppose were looking for a cake to serve about 200 people. Any suggestions/offers? Many thanks :thnk
Veruca-Salt Posts: 1542
We got ours made by a lovely girl from Celbridge, she does every style and gave us a great price! Pm me if you would like her no. :wv
sinead266 Posts: 914
hey have you look in m&s they do wedding cakes and their very reasonable.
emmabelle1987 Posts: 170
Yeah I have heard very good things about M&S cakes x
lcarrick Posts: 1639
i'm getting my cake from cakes by una in ballymahon, and shes delivering to athlone. 3 teir for 390 euro...
vidia Posts: 2960
There was a wollie on here very recently who baked lovely cakes regularly and did sugarcraft courses to expand her skills, she was willing to do cakes for brides at a very good price, hopefully she will see this and reply!! I dont wanna spend a bomb on a cake either, for my wedding it doesnt have that much meaning, might go for something completely different..
hayfield Posts: 46
Hi Squasy I think that could have been me, which Wolly Bride was referring to. I love baking and as already posted I did a sugar craft course to further my skills in cake decorating. Pictured below is the cake I made for my own wedding. I would absolutely love to make a cake for you, to any style you like, and could certainly work to whatever budget you had in mind..... Prices would start from around 200 euro..... only problem is I live in Cork - I think I read that you are having your reception in Athlone!... maybe if you had a guest travelling up from Cork it might work..... If you or anyone else has any questions about anything that I do, please don't hesitate to contact me either through this or [email protected] Rachel