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Walla12 Posts: 37
Hi I'm looking at getting a wedding cake 3 Tier with a Topper, looking for ideas and what is the usual price and what size cake for around 160 people. Thanks
LadyB2016 Posts: 167
Hi Walla We are having 150 people and have gone with a 3 tier cake recommended by our cake shop. From memory it consists of 12", 10" and 8" tiers. We have gone for carrot cake, lemon curd and chocolate layers. Cost is €275 including €10 delivery charge to the venue. We priced around and generally the same size of cake for 150ish people were between €350 and €400. You can buy the cake toppers yourself online for relatively cheap. Hope this helps.
Walla12 Posts: 37
Ah that a very good price, who did you get your cake from?
LadyB2016 Posts: 167
I ordered mine in The Home Bakery in Dundalk. It's the best price I could find and it's not too far from the venue.
yumyumcake Posts: 293
It's kind of like saying how much is a wedding dress? It's entirely dependent on the design of the cake, plain cake is cheapish, detailed cake with sugar flowers or lots of work on it is expensive. I would go 10,8,6 for a wedding of that size especially if bottom one is chocolate biscuit depending on how your venue serves the cake, not that much is used anymore due to being served late at night. Some places do no frills wedding cakes, dead plain and add your own flowers/ribbons etc.
Walla12 Posts: 37
I've been quoted 350 and 400 anyone get there cake cheaper for under 300 euro in the limerick or charleville area?
lorrimar Posts: 837
Have you tried Mirka Cakes in Charleville. My cousin has ordered hers there but I'm not sure on the price. She said she was brilliant to work with and the cakes they tasted were fab.