wedding cakes-show us yours??

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doras Posts: 164
Hey I am trying to find a wedding cake pic, was requested to do so by the person making mine, I am lost!!!! so many kinds and types not sure what looks best, can I see what you are having?
babydays Posts: 708
I tried to post mine but it won't work for me. I am currently getting a cake called "Bling" from . It is in the classic section. It matches my invitations so I think I'll stick with that one. I am having choc biscuit for the biggest, carrot cake for the middle and lemon maderia for the top.
ela28 Posts: 2552
doras have a look on this loads on that site, I will be getting mine here but not sure yet which to go for,only 200 euro for one of the two I will be getting,happy days :o)ll :o)ll
spanishb2b Posts: 1261
Hi! There was a similar post the other week. Just had a look and found it for you. Here you go: [url:20sav9jt][/url:20sav9jt]
sonopotere Posts: 1124
This is going to be my one! [img:1vkpjmd1][/img:1vkpjmd1]
bubbler Posts: 116
Hi, this is mine: [img:98ync8aw][/img:98ync8aw]
Redpunto Posts: 224
Hi bubbler - just wondering does the cake maker provide the cake stand as well - cheers :wv
bubbler Posts: 116
Hey Redpunto, Yes they do - its 10-15 euro extra I think depending on the size you need. I wasn't going to go with a cake at all but decided on this as we love cupcakes and it would be nice for every guest to get their own little cupcake. And we get a special bride and groom cupcake each too!
Muriel09 Posts: 361
Love your cake Bubbler where you getting the cupcakes from?
bubbler Posts: 116
Pm'd you the details Muriel09 :wv