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juju14 Posts: 187
Hi Im just wondering what people are doing for wedding cakes? What is the approx price? Ive been quoted €400 its seems so dear for cake! any ideas??
Sarah4 Posts: 309
I got a stunning white ices chocolate biscuit cake for my daugthers christening and another for my others communion last year. I'm planning on asking them to make me two (€70 max) white iced, I'm going to then put ribbon around the bottom and adding custom made cake toppers. Total costs Id say is about €150 and that's only so pricy as I'm planning on getting the custom toppers and them putting them in a box frame after the wedding. I'm not telling them its a wedding cake.
Bmaris Posts: 37
€400 isn't the highest quote I've heard, but it's not the cheapest either but then it depends on what your looking for, flavours, number of tiers, decoration, does it need delivering, stacking, set up? What had you in mind? The Other posters suggestion is good too , but even then 3 tiers plain iced with no delivery /setup would be costing €210 (@€70 per cake)
Sarah4 Posts: 309
Sorry its 70e for the two of them they are 30-35 each depending on the size :) So three tiers would be prob 100 or less :) I was looking at wedding cakes at a wedding fair recently and they were all about 490! Way out of my price range im afraid!
Kaniela Posts: 458
I used to think the same regarding cakes the prices on them were ridiculous, but just under a year ago I started started making them myself as a hobby not a business.. Since I've started into it I've gotten a serious wake up call and it's not really just a cake anymore.. I've made some friends through the cake world and some do wedding cakes and the minimum amount of time spent on them if there's detail is a week, there's lots of prep work, planning, tools, training and overheads that go into each cake.. It can take up on 30 hours + for a wedding cake to be made all in.. I myself never realised how much work can go into certain types of cakes before I tried my hand at it myself and when you see the in' s and outs and the amount of hours of work that go into detailed cakes then the prices to me seem fair.. If you got quoted 400 for a plain white iced cake then that is way to much though..
bubbles890 Posts: 83
Can anyone recommend a cake shop that wont blow the budget?
MsD2B Posts: 96
Where are u based..I had a two tier wedding cake.. Solo pretty and got it for 130 euro that was with delivery and set up.
MrsMc2014 Posts: 51
I'm not having a cake! I reckon it's too much faff and expense for very little pay off. I doubt anyone will even notice I haven't got one tbh :-)
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
We didn't bother with a cake and no one noticed. It's an expensive photo prop. Baking is expensive though, I've been baking a lot lately and the materials and ingredients aren't cheap.
MrsMc2014 Posts: 51
I'm not a fan of the awkward 'cutting the cake' photo either actually