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mayday1 Posts: 219
Hi guys Just looking for opinions on this. We originally decided not to get a wedding car to cut costs but when I seen a Sapphire and Silver Beauford, I convinced my h2b we had to get it. (Reason: my engagement ring is a Sapphire, the Bmaid dresses are Royal Blue, my invitations have a Royal Blue design . . . so there's a slight theme) So I put a deposit down on one. I got the Confirmation Letter in the post requesting half of the total payment before Xmas and the balance on the day. The fineprint is worrying me. It is as follows: [i:7x0z5yp6]While every effect is made to ensure that the cars ordered are the colour and type agreed, we reserve the right to alter this order due to circumstances beyond their control.[/i:7x0z5yp6] Now the reason this is bugging me is that I changed my mind about getting the car because of a specific car and that is the one I want. I see this fineprint as a get-out-of-it clause should they double book the same car on a certain date. Both brides book a certain car for same date, they pay half of full payment months before the day(company has now full payment), the day arrives and suddenly one bride gets told the original car would not start(or something) but offer a different car and so no time to do anything about it . . Do you think this fineprint is the norm? Should it not say something like, if circumstance occur beyond our control and the car colour and type agreed cannot be fullfilled on the day we will arrange another car at half price. (Not suggesting they say that but something else that reassures their service) Opinions?
mayday1 Posts: 219
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mayday1 Posts: 219
emlo Posts: 1506
I really wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure it's very rare that a couple didn't get the car they booked on the day. They're just covering themselves in the unlikely even that it did happen. Maybe give them a ring and expain your concerns. They may be able to write it into your contract that you'll receive a discount should that happen.