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Sally76 Posts: 525
Hi all, Are most people hiring two cars for the wedding day - one for the bride & groom and another for the bridesmaids? What sort of price should I be looking at? I don't want a Hummer or anything - just a regular wedding car. If only i knew someone who was into their vintage cars! I've just spent an hour emailing car companies about hiring a wedding car and forgot to ask about the second car O:|
Deirdre Langan Photography Posts: 65
Hi there, It depends on how far your house/departure location is from the church but my experience is that 1 car is hired. Sometimes it delivers the bridesmaids and returns for the bride, else the bridesmaids get dropped off in a different car (usually get the impression this is a borrowed father/friend's car) I don't know where you're based but Pat in Getawaycars (WOL supplier) has a lovely vintage car (Packard). Pat's got a lovely manner and couples speak very highly of him. Hope this helps! Deirdre
Sally76 Posts: 525
Thanks Deirdre! Much appreciated. I'm actually over the in Wicklow/north Wexford area and the best quote I've got so far is €300. I'm not going to pay an extra €100 for a red carpet!
Wedding Cars Ireland Posts: 1970
Hi, The vast majority of weddings would had one car hired for the day, the rest of the Bridal Party would travel in either their own cars or get lifts from brothers/sisters/relatives. Don't forget they have to get home also! My advice would be not to get too hung up on others travelling arrangements, there will be plenty of cars going to the church/reception. Obviously, it depends on various factors, but e300 would seem reasonable for a nice, fully PSV licensed and PSV insured car and driver. PS, thanks Deirdre, those brown envelope are working, you never know, someday I might even put something in them! Best wishes, Pat.