Hi, I had received some quotes a while back on wedding cars, Most were expensive enough! I know 1 or 2 places said they would do something for us if we got 2 cars. Then I held off, as my brother in law"s dad"s cousin... I know!, said her would do something for us, as he has wedding cars, after waiting nearly 2 months to get a price, we got it today, and its blooming dearer than half the quotes i did get! So now I am starting all over again O:| , as some of them places are not free on our date. We are getting married April 17th, in Kilternan church(Co.Dublin), and then down to Enniscorthy for our reception. The 2nd car needs to be a limo to fit all! So if anyone is doing any specials, please get in touch, or anyone has got a good deal,..trying to keep budget down like everyone else! :thnk