Wedding ceremony time for December wedding

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daisylady15 Posts: 5
Hi, Looking for advice regarding cermony time for a church wedding. We are getting married in Dec & invites have to be printed this week. We're between 12.30 & 1pm. Our photographer is pushing for 12.30 due to the light (dark by 4) & my fiancé feels we should start early to make the most of the day! I'm worried it might be too early for guests & they might end up skipping church & will be giving out in general as they wont be able to get hair done etc. Most of guests will be travelling 2-3 hours to get to church. Our venue is 10mins from the church. I will have a 45 min drive from my home to the church so I'm also conscious it will be a very early start for bridal party leaving home at 11.30ish to be there on time. Would appreciate your advice especially if someone has had a winter wedding. Thanks a mill
mrsmcc2502 Posts: 497
We have no choice as our priest said its 1pm in case there is a funeral that morning which would be at 11, I would have liked 12.30 but everyone I've spoken to said anything earlier than 1pm is too early for getting ready and driving, and sounds like your guests would be on the road early as it is. Your photographer will be able to get great shots no matter when, I've seen some beautiful photos at dusk and evening time.
denlo Posts: 124
The fact that your venue is only ten minutes from the church will leave you with plenty of time for photos means 1pm is fine.
Auburn Posts: 66
Hi there, we are Nov 17, both myself and the groom will be 15-20 mins from the church and the church is 20 mins from the venue. We are going with 12.30. I could have actually written your post myself because same as that, I think 12.30 is too early and afraid the guests will be cursing us and also that they won't be there, which would be even more annoying as our church is very big. We will have a good number of guests but if they don't make it to the church on time then I was afraid the church may look empty. My boyfriend said (and I'd tend to agree) that even if it was at 1, the people who would be late would still be late.. We plan on just saying in advance to people that I won't be late. Even if you go with 12.30, it's likely you won't go in until maybe 12.40/12.45 with people getting in the door etc. But having said all that, you are still getting the show on the road. Light will definitely be gone early with winter weddings and on some days (hate to say it) the light may only be ok up until about 3.30. We are even considering not doing family photos at the church, instead just doing the shaking hands bit and then heading off, all because we want to make sure we get the light before it's gone. Then we can do family photos inside at the venue once we have our pics done... So for us, we are going with 12.20... If it makes you feel any better I once went to a wedding that was on at 12 because there was a big journey to the venue after. And me and the boyfriend actually had a big journey to even get to the church that morning, we had to leave at 9am and literally got there at 12 just intime for the wedding, bride was bang on time. Then after the church the journey to the venue was about an hour and a half, we still had an amazing time at the wedding. Anyway, 12.30 is what we are planning on doing, Let me know what ye are deciding to do... :)
jenilou Posts: 38
Personally I'm having my ceremony at 2pm and having it in Nov next year. But my ceremony is only 35mins long and 10 mins from were I'm getting pics taken. That's all well and good for myself but for you honey, I go for 1pm and no later. The ppl that you invite will be there,as the old sayin goes 'If they want to be there they be there !'' You'll have a fab day and it will go by so quickly. So enjoy your day ! O-O