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caramel10 Posts: 249
where do you get one ??
Deirdre Langan Photography Posts: 65
I think you should be able to get one in your local jewellers.
chrystal Posts: 863
As above, in the jewellers. Or just get a coin from your OH, it could be your something borrowed! :o0
Bellisima Posts: 3583
Ok maybe this is a stupid question but what's a wedding coin? :duh:
PinkRibbons Posts: 1446
[quote="Mrs PR":14qgbtht]Ok maybe this is a stupid question but what's a wedding coin? :duh:[/quote:14qgbtht] some people have an exchange of a wedding coin "as a token of all I possess" we didn't bother with it in our ceremony... it's optional
Bellisima Posts: 3583
Talk about getting an education every time I log on! Thanks pink ribbon!! :wv
broodyboots Posts: 93
My HTBs Dad has got us a wedding coin, I am wondering where in the ceremony the 'wedding coin' bit goes, and how we should word it? Can anyone help?
whoop Posts: 1310
We didnt bother with it either! Usually takes place after rings are exchanged, saying "I give you this coin as a token of all I possess". You'll find it in most mass booklet templates and it is optional.
princessl Posts: 154
We are getting the coin off the jewellers that we are buying our wedding bands from. A few different jewellers told us they would give us the coin with the wedding band