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sinead266 Posts: 914
Hi, does anyone know what coins we need for church and anywhere online we can get them??? thanks sinead
IndigoMoon Posts: 2842
These are optional part of the mass. We chose not to do it. We got one free with our wedding rings
Asics Posts: 1935
The last wedding I was at they just used a €2 coin :wv
sinead266 Posts: 914
i've been told nothing by our priest so i dont know what i need or dont need as we just got a new priest to the parish and he's off on 4 months holidays O:| , i just sit and think of things i might need :o0 , but i do think it would be a good thing to have and keep for my own kids getting married. the only ones i seen come from america. havnt got my rings yet so maybe i might get them free with them. fingers crossed thanks ladies
excitednerjabride Posts: 869
Hi ye we're doing the xchange of coins-love the idea, my mom has given me theres to use. We didnt get them when got wedding rings but we got our rings in two different shops. Most jewelles sell them though so wont be too hard to source.xx
elizajane Posts: 631
Have seen all kinda of things exchanged at this part of the day Best one i thought was when it came to the "i give you this gold and silver as tokens of all i posess...." the groom handed over the keys of his beamer to his new bride - anyone that knew the groom knew that this was his most prised posession and it got a giggle from all there - just thought it was a wee bit novel and cute!
nutcake Posts: 1168
ive honestly never seen this at any wedding ive been to! at what part of the ceremoney is it done?
elizajane Posts: 631
Just after the exchange of the vows - basically a gold (not real gold) and silver coin are given from the bride to the groom and then the groom to the bride as "tokens of all they posess" - basically symbolising that the couple are giving each other completely to each other I think its dying out in recent years to be honest but is simply one line in the vows and can be nice - i've the coins my mum and dad used on their day and mum is no longer with us so we mite just use them as another little way of remembering her in the day.
ladybusby Posts: 575
we got a lovely coin in fields, they engraved our names and the date on it too *)
foxychick Posts: 232
Most jewelers give you a coin with your wedding rings. We got ours engraved with our names and the date. Its a nice keepsake. We exchanged it after our vows as a symbol of sharing "all that we possess".