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BeanBride07 Posts: 207
[img:20oqd75t][/img:20oqd75t] I wasn't going to bother with much of a cake, TBH - have never been pushed by the whole thing and can't afford something spectacular. But then I bought a seven tier cupcake stand on a whim for £40 from ebay and have gone mental! Have been researching all sorts of designs online and finally came up with this one! Am so happy with it because my BM dresses are navy, my dress is diamond/white and silver and my flowers are cala lilies. Bought the mini sugar lilies tonight from [img:20oqd75t][/img:20oqd75t] Also bought silver cake cases (£5 for 100): [img:20oqd75t][/img:20oqd75t] and navy and silver ribbon: [img:20oqd75t][/img:20oqd75t] [img:20oqd75t][/img:20oqd75t] I am getting a small cake from tesco for the top (5" diameter) for £5.79: [img:20oqd75t][/img:20oqd75t] I already have a cake topper - two calla lilies and cream cymbidium orchids, with white ribbon So far, have spent £120/EUR180 and that's before I bake or ice a single bun! Not exactly cheap but I always loved sitting chatting to my mum and baking with her in the kitchen and I know she can churn out 140 fairy cakes and ice them without a bother, so I have this romantic notion of doing it with her and my BM's before the big day.. will probably live to regret this, especially as I was only going to spend about EUR100 on getting the whole cake and now I'll spend triple that with prob triple the stress Oh to be a Bridezilla, eh? Now if only I had those chair covers... :o0 :o0 :o0 PS: here's the cake stand that caused all the trouble. It's 2 and a half feet high and holds 140 buns!! :-8 :-8 :-8 [img:20oqd75t][/img:20oqd75t]
mollyeile Posts: 2486
I love it - It's fantastic
The Sinner Posts: 1175
Wow! I likes it a lot, do you mind if I File your idea for future reference! I love making buns myself so it should be a doddle, DP is a chef so icing is no problem! Best of Luck with the cake and nuptials!
.. Posts: 323
octbride2007 Posts: 774
Very Very pretty :wv
delila Posts: 74
I love this idea and was also thinking cup cakes but any time I've mentioned cake to H2B he replies fruit cake and I don't know if he is just trying to wind me up or really means it !!
shoegals Posts: 1640
Looks fantastic and is a great idea, well done to you for that a real personal touch :compress
Lady loves chocolate Posts: 433
Oh I love it, its really pretty. You seem to ahve put a bit of thought into it and it will really pay off, looks lovely.
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
Love it, was thinking of doing it myself, my baker gave me some really good pictures of cupcake cakes. Have some files away somewhere on the computer for next year. *)
birdie Posts: 954
It's fantastic, looks really well, well done you!! :wv