Wedding Day 15th August 2015

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gkibabu Posts: 1
So the day finally came when I went from being a Ms. to a Mrs. My day was much better than what I had imagined and this was mainly down to me not stressing on the day and on the run up to the day. One thing I refused to do was stress and I'm glad that that mission was accomplished. One advice is that when your planning on having a large wedding and I'm talking 350+, you best start planning early as its not an easy task. Well it all started with trying to find a venue. We both come from very large background which meant that out guest list was very big. After going through our list a number of times we decided on a final number of 350. After visiting a number of venues and i mean nearly 10 of them we finally settled with the Green Isle hotel in Clondalkin. The hotel was perfect in that it was close to my home (only 3 mins away), they were able to accommodate our numbers and it was very close to the park for our pictures. Dealing with the wedding coordinator was good but my only issue is that through out the whole process I dealt with 5 different coordinator which was painful as I had to bring in all correspondences to ensure that what was already agreed was fulfilled. Besides that blip they made it very easy and they made sure that the wedding from beginning to end ran very smooth. My suppliers where just amazing from myself to the decorators. I had the perfect dress in mind but its price when we visited the wedding shop wasn't so perfect so I was able to take the design and have my dress custom made by the amazing guys in Dresses4heaven. They designed my dress and veil way beyond my expectations. My flowers girls where dressed from head to toe by Dunnes & TX Maxx. My groomsmen were dressed by Unique on Henry St, Dublin. The amazing guys in Sound Lease helped us ensure that the sound quality was top notch. Wedding flowers Ireland prepared all our flowers for the day and the venue supplied all our table flowers. Our king and queen top table decor was looked after by at BidexGold decorators. And to top it all off our cars which was our favorite were supplied by Absolute Limos. All our precious moments where captures by our photographer Guy James and our videographer Duarte. Our photos looked amazing that from time to time I still look back to remind me of that day. We are still awaiting on our wedding DVD but that's a delay on our end so hope to have it very soon. The day went so smoothly and even with the delays, the hotel staff made sure that all our guest were looked after though out the day. We had our ceremony at the hotel and it was the best decision that we made. Not having to move guests from one place to another was just so hassle free. After the lovely ceremony that we had (that started 1hr late as the bride was more than fashionably late LOL) the hotel then held a lovely arrival reception with canapés and cocktails which went down a treat for all our guest especially our little guests. We then took that time to head to the park and take our photos. We struggled to get through to the park ranger to let us drive through to the grounds to the rose garden so after half an hour of trying we eventually got through. Our wedding reception was more than I every expected from the décor to the food and then our cake. The hotel staff really made sure that our table plan was followed to the letter and really executed out travel theme really well. We decided that since my husband and I love to travel we would name all our tables after a country, it also meant that it started a conversation between our guests at each table. We named our table Malta as this will be our honeymoon destination for our 1 year anniversary. The hotel was accommodating in that we had our menu for all our guest with options on the main course and we also had a separate menu for my husband and I, which was nice as we choose something very special from when we were still dating. The kids meals were also very well and certainly kept them happy. The hotel staff had an efficient table service which helped us get through all the courses very quickly especially with the large number of guests that we had. We also opted for an open bar with a set amount and it worked very smoothly, the hotel made up tokens that they gave to each guest to have 2 free drinks of their choice on us. Overall the hotel ensured that our entire wedding remained within budget and that we were very stress free through out the day. Our cake was just so divine that part of me didn't want to cut it. Julien at French Wedding Cakes made such an elegant cake that really tied in with our destination theme wedding. They gave excellent service and despite the minor blips I have no problem recommending the hotel. Our cake was a replica of the Lough Eske Castle which was where we went for our mini moon after the wedding. He also added our initials to the door entrance of our cake topper and then each tier of the cake was in a different flavor. Julien was just the best and we will be using him for all major events, he does some great macaroons also. Finally thank you so much to weddingsonline for helping me kick start the planning. I got so many ideas from the various post and emails that I received. They also helped me find the suppliers that I used. I find the store also very accommodating and was able to make out own wedding favors and have a keep sake from our wedding thanks to the various things we got from the store. Now I'm a happily married lady and look forward to all that lies ahead for the both of us. :heartbeat:
Molly710 Posts: 110
Hi there, Sounds like you had a great day and Congrats! Can I just ask, out of the 350 you invited how many did you end up with on the day? We're planning a big wedding too but it's gone a not bigger than we'd hoped so we're hoping for some drop outs so I'm always keen to hear other brides experiences with this!
Winnieme15 Posts: 13
Hi girls, Sorry I am only getting in on this now! But I'm in a slight! panic over guest list tonight! We are not getting married until Aug '17 but looking at invitations and our budget and guest list. I was waiting on my OH to get his final list from his parents. So now tonight we are looking at 350 on the guest list. We always knew we would have a big number on the list but everyone keeps saying that this will drop and there's always a 10-12% drop in numbers! I'm looking at the list wondering how? Our venue can take the number that's not a problem I just don't want people thinking that its way too many people! I really need to stop worrying what other people think I guess!!! :weep :weep I'm a worrier normally anyway! This is the only thing I have gotten stressed over though! Everything else I have really enjoyed planning!! Sorry for the big long rant!! Feeling a little overwhelmed tonight! xx
Vedalovelo Posts: 164
Winnieme I went to a wedding wit 300 guests and had the night of my life. Dragged kicking and screaming from dance floor. Most def not too many people!! There was great atmosphere and energy, it was so so great. More people equals more brilliant :action32 :hic O-O :o)ll