Wedding Day Co-ordination

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Bestmiracle Posts: 23
Hi I am just wondering if anybody has hired a wedding day co-ordinator. Basically I was looking for someone to be around on the day that would make sure everything runs very smoothly. From church set up right up until the first dance. They would look after all the little details on the day, to the timings, band set up etc. Has anyone else booked anyone like this and if so can they point me in the right direction. Thanks so much
corkiegirl Posts: 825
Can't give you any advice but that sounds great, if you have the budget (no idea what it would be!). There are so many things on the day, that no matter how organised you are, things seem to come up even when things run mostly smoothly. Like weather related photography issues or the best man wanders off and someone needs to look for him or the bride has no water or needs reminders about make-up etc. I found that because I had booked all teh suppliers, when tehy arrived, they all checked-in with me. So the band turned up and came to find me, the dancers did the same, the hotel co-ordinator couldn't find something and came to find me. I wasn't stressed but would have loved someone else to have been the port of call! Bridesmaids, bridal party etc can all be busy or get side tracked chatting to relatives etc so a wedding day co-ordinator sounds great. Good luck.
LaurenLou Posts: 62
Have you spoken to your venue about this? I think most venues have a wedding coordinator that will manage all this for you?
atina Posts: 2240
The venue usually have a manager on the day that does all this for you. U are spending enough money there on the day...they more then anyone want it to all run smoothly for you
Bride2be040812 Posts: 1182
There is two sides to this. I am an event manager and knew that I wanted to decorate all three of my venues differently and the way that I wanted them. The hotel had a wedding coordinator who I was liasing with in relation to timings etc and then I dealt with the banqueting manager in relation to the menu, tastings and it was him that actually liased with me on the day. I never saw the wedding coordinator on the day even though she was in the hotel! I hired a girl to look after the dressing of the hotel, the church and our champagne reception venue. I visited all of them with her prior to the wedding, took photos and sourced all the materials, centre pieces and discussed with her how I wanted everything done. She also liased with the florist for me after my initial consultation to pick flowers as the florist was involved in decorating the church and hotel. She was €800 to dress the venues and it saved me a lot of work on the morning of the wedding. There just wouldn't have been time for me to do it and I had shown her exactly what I wanted and where I wanted everything. She ensured that it everything was right but was not involved in coordinating the day. I was fine doing that myself and once we were in the hotel the banqueting manager took over the wine, the service, the band setting up etc and it all ran very smoothly. My advice - you can do it yourself with the help of your bridesmaids unless you're taking on a lot of jobs the morning of the wedding yourself.
Grotty Dotty Posts: 751
My venue looked after all of this. I had nothing to worry about on the day when it came to the hotel. They were totally on the ball. I did worry a lot about my own timings on the day. But I went on the advise of my hairdresser and make up artist. They knew how many people they had to take care of and they based their start times on that. I got married at 1.30pm, and was on time and the hair/make up kicked off at 8am.