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CiaraGraham Posts: 19
I wanted to start a fresh chat following on from the 'Niggly Wedding day annoyances' post. It was such a fab post put hasn't been seen in a while. I am now married just over a month and had a fab day but like most brides feel the need to rant about things that happened on the day. Some are kinda big deals and others are just crazy lady rants but it has to be done!! -The photobooth just didn't turn up. -My make up and hair were awful, hair was flat within an hour and makeup had zero coverage. -My aunt/godmother left an hour after the ceremony, didn't have the decency to tell me of her plan and didn't say goodbye on the day. -I wish I had a different dress, the minute I had my dinner I looked pregnant for the rest of the day/night (no joke)! -I was super calm until a day before the wedding when people asked me a million questions! -The DJ played his own tunes at the start of the set as he felt my playlist was 'not appropriate'.... very annoying! - It pissed rain!!!! and our ceremony was supposed to be outside!! I think that is all (for now). I would LOVE to hear all your rants!!
Smallensmall Posts: 139
Ha Ha ! Ill join in on this as well :-) 1) We got married abroad and people asked us a MILLION questions when we were there .. directions, where is the shop, can you drink the water etc etc.. You'd swear they had never left the country before in their lives :yelrotflmaosmilie: 2) My hair wasnt great.. my biggest disappointment... not really the hairdressers fault but disappointing nonetheless 3) We paid for 1.5 hours of drinks after the ceremony and the guys stopped serving after 40 mins.. said all of our money ran out. It couldnt have even come close. 4) We had a saxophonist who agreed to play 3 sets over the course of the night but left after 1 O:| All this aside I had the best day of my life and I'd do it over and over and over and .. well you get the idea :-)
LadyB2016 Posts: 167
Ladies Good to see we can laugh about it all now that it is behind us. Mine were all quite big issues; 1. The parish office wrote to us to tell us we couldn't get married in my local church after we had booked as it was closing for one year major renovation. We then had to change towns and church and pay €300 for the pleasure. Then when we had invites printed with the new location, we find out that the renovation works in the church had a planning objection so church wouldn't be closing at all. 2. The bridesmaids dresses arrived into store just two weeks before the wedding despite being told they would be in 3 months before. 3. The wedding singer we had booked unfortunately had to cancel the week before the wedding due to early pregnancy but her replacement was phenomenal but I was up to 90 when I got the phone call one week before. Turns out the original wedding singer gave birth to her baby on the day of the wedding so probably turned out for the best. 4. The florist forgot about our wedding and when I phoned the day before the wedding was told she was on her day off. She was supposed to be preparing our bouquets. Then she expected me to drive 30 mins to her shop on the morning of the wedding and collect them myself. Suffice to say this didn't happen and she delivered. 5. The videographer who we had booked to do the 2 hour bridal prep in the morning got held up in a traffic jam caused by an accident on the M1 coming out of Dublin that morning and didn't make the house at all and made it to the church 5 mins before I arrived. 6. Finally, the Rolls Royce Phantom bridal car that we had spent an absolute arm and leg on broke down 1/2 mile from my house on its way to collect me. The gear box in a €500,000 car decides to go on the morning of my wedding. You couldn't make it up. Had to phone for a replacement and when it arrived I was so disappointed as my husband had splashed out on the cars but what else could be do only get on with it. We still got a brand new Bentley so not exactly shabby but at the time I was beyond gutted. Now that the wedding is over, I can sit back and honestly say that none of the above spoiled our day. Yes its a shame we didn't get some bridal prep footage but its not the end of the world. I planned the wedding with a fine tooth comb but the best laid plans and all that. On the plus side, the hair and make up were sensational. I looked and felt a million dollars. Everyone had an absolute ball and are still talking about it. Our venue surpassed all expectations. My husband blew me away with how handsome he looked standing at the top of the aisle. The photos are fabulous and we still have the video to look forward to. The whole day was emotional, memorable, fabulous and I would do it all again in a heart beat. Best day ever.
CiaraGraham Posts: 19
I loved reading your rants!! And it really is a good thing that we all had fabulous days regardless. It looks like things go wrong at every wedding!!! Keep the rants coming :) I think all of your wedding day issues would have made my brain melt on the day, especially when it concerns suppliers, they are being paid so much money and have too much power over your day!!
Newlywed16 Posts: 5
CiaraGraham, you are so right that things do go wrong at almost all weddings: I felt so fecking poxed, I felt like everything went wrong for me in the lead up, but on the day, thankfully, nothing major happened.. but I still really felt hard done by and pissed off until I read back over some of the chat on the "niggly annoyances" thread and I realised that really, my issues weren't bad at all!! At least once the day got going, everything went great. I can't imagine what some people feel like when they had to put up with things like bands not turning up, or bad photos etc. Mine irritations started from my engagement; my ring took 3 months to come back to the jewellers in the right size, so you can imagine how frustrating THAT was - everyone asking to see the ring, and by the time I got it, nobody cared anymore, including me!! >:o( Then our venue closed down, involuntarily, so we moved, and then THAT place closed down!!! >:o( So we moved again and thankfully it turned out to be for the best, although we lost money, the hotel we ended up at was fab. Changing venues meant first of all, lots pf phonecalls and emails to explain things TWICE!! And increased prices from some suppliers as mileage was different. It also meant a different registrar to the one we'd had all our appointments and contact with, who was absolutely lovely and we'd built up a relationship but they won't allow the registrars to cross over into other regions. Had non-stop family drama on OHs side, like non-goddam-stop. If it wasn't one person, it was another. Have not seen any of them since, thank God.. can't face them. Really really wanted an outdoor ceremony, but weather didn't permit. The day before, when we were up to 90 with visitors, flowers, last-minute gifts etc, the registrar rang to say he couldn't do the wedding, but had arranged someone else to do it - yet we couldn't use the original one when WE wanted to, because it was a "different area" grr. Registrar charged us for mileage and time that wasn't valid. Very annoying but you have no choice in these things. Chauffeur was sick on the day and I had to get a Plan B who wasn't familiar with the car or the road, so it was a tense journey! Almost got a parking ticket on the day when I was getting hair and makeup done, instead just got a bollocking from parking attendant. I was fit to cry by that stage!! :weep Our first dance I felt disappointed by - it felt like literally one quarter of our guests bothered to be there for it, there was only a few people standing around the dance floor and I felt embarrassed and annoyed. But that wasn't a big deal, in fairness. But yes, once I got there and got over the bad start / nerves, it was brilliant, everyone that I had booked did an amazing job, which I am so grateful for and I really do feel for you ladies who were disappointed by suppliers on the day - it's a lot worse than being annoyed by things in the lead up or aftermath. One thing that I would say to future brides - it's so obvious but in the rush on the day, you might not think of it - is to try to make sure that someone is responsible for bringing things like your deodorant, toothpaste etc up to the bridal suite - our stuff was being brought by the Best man and Bridesmaid on the day but in the excitement, nobody thought to leave them into our room, and my BM's hubby had dumped all my stuff in their room which, unfortunately was at the opposite end of the hotel to mine, and I had no lipstick to touch up before photos because we were dashing off and I didn't want to delay us, I had none of my toiletries / perfume etc in my room when I eventually did get up there to freshen up after the photos and had to send hubby off in search of BM (nobody had their phones on them either!!) and then get the stuff from her room, which just meant I was sitting alone in the bathroom of my room for 20 minutes gagging to get down to the action. That night then, we had no toothbrushes cos Best Man had forgotten hubby's bag, where I'd packed stuff in advance, so I also had no cleanser or moisturiser - not exactly the way you want to be waking up the morning after your wedding!!! :duh:
BridetobeSep16 Posts: 7
I am really lucky in so many ways - timing was fine, all suppliers were punctual and delivered, weather was fab, I was totally relaxed and had an amazing day with my New Hubby..... but of course there are a few things!!! During our first dance, this bag of s**t, that is married to my husbands uncle, takes to the floor beside us dancing with his uncle - the Bridal Party hadn't even joined us on the floor at this stage! Just hope you cant see them in the video! she also wore a lace white dress... At the Drinks Reception My Mother's dress ripped (her own fault, she doesn't watch her weight at all) but nobody would have even noticed as she had a jacket over it - but being the drama queen she is she went around telling everyone looking for a big reaction like she just wanted to create panic about something (she had another dress to change into anyway). I couldn't start a conversation with anyone for the rest of the day without them saying oh your poor mothers dress! :duh: what really bothered my hubby was that people spent ages out in the smoking area, having silly drunken conversations i suppose, instead of being the dance floor, the band were brill so it wasn't that the music wasn't good. My professional photos are really bugging me though. Paid a bomb for this award winning photographer, so did have high expectations I suppose... A good few of the bridal prep that morning are crap, as in what would be lovely photos he hasn't cropped things out that ruin the photos, and why he asked us to pose in the rooms he did i have no idea, there would be far better places in the house to have our pics taken, but at the time i just trusted his judgement. Also I look very pale in his photos...even though I know I wasn't, and don't look pale in other people's pics. The way he got me to pose are also not very flattering angles...loads of the pics just do no justice on how nice the dress was and the colour of it - and I look better in the guests photos, which wont do instead cos they are not with my husband or bridesmaids :(!
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lola58 Posts: 2
I posted some stuff over in niggly wedding day annoyances - I am still ranting about mine...and people think I am crazy! I was a very chilled out bride but I can't help but only think of the things that disappointed me on the day - I need to cop on! Reading this we didn't have any serious issues at all - the band playing slow songs for half an hour was probably the biggest one and that is kind of a blur now. I sent them an email with feedback on how the first half of their set was so low tempo it meant the dancefloor was deserted - their attitude all along had been we are the professionals let us get on with it when we tried to offer direction - for the guys of three grand I expected more! It upset me on the night and stressed me out and I think that is so's hard not to remember that! I need to get my professional pics and the video to realise again what a brilliant day it really was!
Casperlady Posts: 166
I had the most amazing day but a few things bugged me 1- MIL and her friends caused alsorts of trouble the day before because her friends bags got left in UK despite being offered alternative outfits by guests they plagued my husband to sort it even the morning of the wedding they hounded him as he was trying to get ready thus spoiling his morning a bit 2- MIL saying to my sister at the wedding and everyone else that would listen how she expected her daughter to be engaged within the week and how her wedding would be so different and it would be so much harder on her not having her dad there (they broke up a few weeks later and this was the 3rd guy in less than a year that she had dated) 3-My mum forgot to do the buttons up on my dress so the straps kept falling down 4- I spent the evening before doing last minute DIY stuff I had been so organised until that last week wish I had just chilled out instead 5- MIL and SIL made husband cry day after saying I didn't make an effort or spend any time with their guests despite me asking MIL to introduce me to each of her relatives between the meals, while all her guests and herself didn't bother dancing or mingling she made no effort with my guests SIL had a face on her in all the pics didn't do any bridesmaid duty at all I wasted so much money on her.