wedding day report part 2 - digital djs

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panda*bear Posts: 6
I really felt the need to come on here and recommend darragh in digital djs, I know they're a supplier here, and they were recommended by killashee house. Darragh was the ultimate professional, he listened to all of our wishes before the wedding, played a set which our friends are still talking about! and I'd say they will for a long time to come, many memories made. he played any request he was asked and did his utmost to keep the dancefloor buzzing, which it was for the whole night. we didn't have a band and I'm so glad we didn't, the music really was ours, unique and tailored to us. Darragh was willing to play whatever we wanted, and has nearly every song ever recorded it seems, and if he didn't have it, he got it! I didn't realise how important the music would be to the atmosphere (it being my 1st wedding lol!) but my god it was what made it completely ours. Still on a high! :lvs
MrsRich2B Posts: 240
Thats gr8 news - i have Digital Djs booked!!!! Delighted!! Thanks for thats O:o)
Mrs.daffodil2010 Posts: 385
Excellent - I have Digital DJ's booked too, not having a band either. Delighted now that Darragh turned out so well for you. We want lots of 80's and we are defo having slow sets - just like the old school disco!!
feelinbroody Posts: 124
Hi Pandabear, maybe this is a big ask and I know everyone has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to music but any chance you'd still have your playlist and be willing to share it??? :) It sounds like your night was really buzzing and we really want to have music that will keep everyone out on the dancefloor!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
panda*bear Posts: 6
hey well you'll all have a blast with darragh. re playlist, I didn't do one, I gave darragh a general idea of what bands we liked and I asked him to work with that. I felt that he knew what he was doing and would have a fair idea of what people like dancing to! we're both 90s teenagers so I love blur etc, and himself is a bit of a rocker, so it was quite varied! I gave darragh the bands list and a "definitely not" list (I hate the wedding standards of build me up buttercup and 500 miles).. there was loads of 80s too.. ah it was just great!