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mrsmcc2502 Posts: 497
Having trouble working out my schedule for the day - mass is at 1pm which is ruining the plan I had and no chance of any earlier as the priest keeps all weddings at that time in case there's a funeral at 11. So mass at 1, a catholic mass is usually about 1 hr 45 including the time outside greeting guests outside the chapel etc. Some photos of us at local viewpoint, then on to venue for family pics etc. Dinner has to be 6 at the latest, but I think if we say 6 it'll be 6.30 and then that pushes he band later etc! Could anyone give me opinions on this schedule, venue is 45 mins from chapel 1pm mass 3-3.30 photos couple at local viewpoint beside chapel 3.30-4.30 drive to venue/15mins extra for more photos 4.30-5.30 drinks reception/family photos 5.30 called to dinner 6 dinner served 8 speeches 9 band 10.30-11.00 break/evening food 11-12 band 12-2 DJ
craftyPB Posts: 2625
I think you haven't given yourself long enough for dinner. It's doubtful that the band will have started at 9 with dinner, clean up, moving tables, set up etc. We had a 1pm ceremony and were at the venue just after 3 and that was with receiving line, a few photos at the church, ice cream van and photos in a field en route to the venue (venue was 5 minutes from the church), so you may end up at the venue earlier... Discuss the timeline with your photographer and venue - they'll help with it.
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
This thread had a good input about a timeline. But I think that 9 is too early for the band, any wedding I have been at they started nearer to 10, with all the best intentions. I'm in a struggle myself at the moment re timeline because where I want to go for pictures is about 30 mins to it from church, then 40 minutes from it to the hotel. I just feel like this is too long spent in the car & away from guests :( gonna need to rethink it & find somewhere en route or much closer. :action34
Smilinmaz Posts: 446
Your drinks reception should start when your guests get there not when you arrive. So about 90 min between their arrival and call for dinner at minimum
jenny7785 Posts: 158
My priest said wedding mass will be max one hour including signing register . Maybe ask him cause 1hr 45 is a long time for mass
mrsmcc2502 Posts: 497
[quote="Smilinmaz":2tvgums0]Your drinks reception should start when your guests get there not when you arrive. So about 90 min between their arrival and call for dinner at minimum[/quote:2tvgums0] Oh yes sorry I meant that arrival time as our arrival time! I absolutely despise when things don't run on time so I will have to take big steps to relax myself if anything is running behind! I always find that in masses around home, it's nearly a good 2 hours from the time we get to the chapel by the time we leave, because we're getting married at christmas, I'm hoping to get through the receiving line quickly so that people aren't in the cold! Was planning on having music at more points than normal in the mass, but never thought of how it will slow the schedule down....
mrsmcc2502 Posts: 497
I'm Slightly worried about the band start time, on the contract it states an 8.30pm start time but with a leeway for 30 mins later if necessary, so 9pm at the latest? Our bar is open til 2.45am so we would ideally want the band 9.30-12.30, and dj 12.30-2.30 but if they start at 9pm at the latest, if the tables aren't cleared etc, do we lose out on 1 hour of music? Has anyone had this happen to them?
Jessiejess Posts: 87
Mrssparkle2b my friend said one of her favourite parts of the day was that 40 minute journey from the church to the venue and she had worried so much about loosing time with her guests. She said it was the only time of the day they were alone and got to really talk and they were so excited with what the day was going to bring..... Just something to think about!
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
Thanks jessiejess, i just think that 70 minutes travel approx plus whatever time it takes for photos is just far too long to be away - i dont want to be landing at the hotel & straight for dinner, plus i want to dance the night away but i am very conscious that we need to make sure we get to speak to everyone or do our best to as this is an important aspect for me as a guest at a wedding.
mrsmcc2502 Posts: 497
Why not to read WOL forum before bed: Last night I had a dream that I arrived at chapel at 1pm and H2B was standing outside the chapel having the craic with guests and wouldn't go inside, so we were running behind and I was stressing about how that would effect the rest of the day, then my makeup started to slide off as I cried, and then it turned out that H2B was gay and his partner was Nathan Lane's character in the The Birdcage.....